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Good at every aspect but themes
Rating: 4

My level of experience was equal to zero when I found Homestead. :) I didn’t even imagine how can a blank template turn into a piece of web art. I didn’t even know such a term as “blank templates”. It all became simple and clear when I watched Homestead’s tutorials. Surprisingly they boosted my skills a lot, they told me how to drag stuff, how to change themes and much more. I’m sincerely thankful to Homestead for that! :) Homestead introduced the world of coding to me and years later I took up a course on HTML and CSS. I know them both know and have certain advantages on Homestead. :) This is one of those platforms which have an HTML editor opened for users. I made my first steps with it as well. It was nice experience.
As for the certain tools I’m much happy about the Analytics by Homestead. This tool is made to monitor the behavior of people visiting websites. Very practical and useful. :) I’d advice Homestead to make the themes more various, so far they have a very predictable structure. :)

2017.03.07 at 08:06 written by:
Annoyingly weird restrictions
Rating: 1

The biggest disappointment in my whole life! From the very first time when I visited Homestead I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that it was an unpolished and outdated editor. Not much has changed years later. Guess two small improvements would help: making moving pages draggable as well as adding a character count for titles. It’s especially useful if users are limited with it. I’m not a professional and I’m not good at making websites at all but even I feel that these changes are needed. Please, add them! Another example of Homestead editor lacking polish is that I can’t copy/paste without pasting in the separate lightwindow. This is so ridiculous. I’ve never thought this could be a problem. Homestead is the only editor which has such a disadvantage. Another problem which is outrageous is absence of global styles. I can’t set them and as a result I have to style each text box manually! It gets really annoying especially when I have a lot of elements to work with. Homestead is one of the most outdated and weird editors I’ve ever seen. It’s no place for an ambitious site full of pages and widgets. Unsubscribing.

2017.02.26 at 08:05 written by:
Efforts in vain
Rating: 2

I used to like drag and drop website builders but Homestead has changed my attitude and I can’t say that I’m happy about such an experience.
Homestead is described as a blank canvas editor which makes it possible to drag and drop elements in any direction necessary which has attracted me. It sounded so wonderful in theory that I succumbed the temptation but it all went terrible in practice.
One of the inconveniences is connected with the footer of my website. I’ve always thought that footers were global elements made to appear on each page but Homestead breaks this stereotype. There's no way to make a proper footer here because long pages with a lot of content just overlap the footer. It was so shockingly unexpected that I needed some time to have figured it out and to have understood the root of the problem.
Another issue which I would like to describe and which drives me crazy is that Homestead doesn't support snap-to-grid functions. It has brought me so many inconveniences and I ended up inches away from my laptop just to align and to re-align elements. It was a never-ending cycle which hasn’t been rewarded.
I don’t want to criticize from scratch editors in general because there’re strong tools but I don’t recommend Homestead. There are better blank canvas options (uCoz is still the best for me).

2017.01.23 at 08:05 written by:
No adequate decisions!
Rating: 2

I’ll start from bad to worse! No other impressions of Homestead! Had a terrible, annoying and stupid problem! The footer. I designed it with love, care and desire to show. I added social icons, neat links and a few logos to find that no one sees my footer! How come! It turned out that the page with the main content covered it. Tried to change the settings, to recreate the footer, no way! I’m left without a footer now! It’s not the case with a certain page, the problem exists on each page of mine! Homestead doesn’t seem to know about alignment. Any adequate drag&drop editor knows that elements may make a disproportional feeling of a website. I tried to find a kind of a ruler or a grid to get magnified to, there’s none! I have to rely on my intuition when I centre things! Too bad! No wonder my website looks ridiculous.
Repetitive, mundane and routine tasks are a big headache here. A kind of Master Page function is so much needed on Homestead! Instead I have to copy and paste things, do the same actions for hundreds of times and spend my time on something where atomization could help! This is simply unbearable! I’m not even going to give Homestead a chance!

2017.01.10 at 08:04 written by:
Old-looking and primitive tools
Rating: 3

Hi everyone! Just a few lines from a blogger about Homestead. Its worst part is an ugly contact form lightbox. You’ll hate it because it looks ancient and allows no customization. Just accept it. Its audio player is a bit better. It’s a functional one. Sadly its appearance is so-so. If you like retro audio players you’ll like it. Been testing Homestead’s blogging opportunities. Not bad. Still could be better. It’s a basic tool which has all it takes to blog successfully. There are drafts and commenting. It’s enough for an average blogger but for me their blog editor is clunky and I really wouldn’t use it. Seriously. There’re very basic style customizations but mostly you will get stuck with a very standard view. I’ve also noticed major differences between preview mode and the actual website. It’s inexcusable! Homestead functions are bearable but pointless on today’s market.

2016.12.15 at 08:03 written by:
Decisions helpful for lazy users
Rating: 4

I have been using Homestead since 2000 or so. Those days the service was free of charge and it still gives privileges to long-term users. There is no other platform that would give me what I am getting from this builder and I appreciate it.
I agree with the opinion that it’s impossible for a beginner to make a professional website straight away without any help or tutorials provided. Homestead is perfect for any creative but lazy user who is smart enough to pick up new skills and step out of the template box.
I’m not satisfied with Homestead’s templates because they all look the same. I rely on skeleton based features and add my own text, images and things like that. What I praise above all is code snippet box feature. Ah, I’m too lazy to write an entire website from scratch and this tool fits me well.
Basically, if you are not creative or don't want to put in any effort you will feel good with Homestead. As long as this platform stays the way it is I am keeping with it.

2016.11.18 at 08:03 written by:
Well-featured but lacks flexibility
Rating: 4

I’ve been using Homestead for over 5 years now. I’ve tested dozens of other tools. Some of them are really helpful and all of them are full of nice templates but only Homestead gives so much creative freedom. I build websites for people as well which are based on Homestead technologies. Homestead's competitors may be more flexible and look better on mobile screens. Some of the aspects which I like here include:
• Scrolling images
• Analytics of visitor behavior
• Start from scratch templates
• HTML editor
All of it makes it easier for my clients to update their own sites if they wish to do it without my assistance.

2016.10.25 at 08:02 written by:
Provides mediocre services which still work
Rating: 3

Unfortunately there’s no way for me to praise Homestead highly. It definitely has a few strengths such as design from scratch, freedom of adding content and flexible settings. All of these did help me on the journey from a blank canvas to a pretty website.
I had a lot of links with subcategories which didn’t require me to know a lot about programming. What’s more I haven’t closed my website on Homestead down because it looks like something that today’s industry wants. It has a few modern widgets with social links being integrated.
Perhaps user friendliness isn’t the point where Homestead wins. It’s quite an inconvenient website builder to be with as it needs too much time to make simple ideas live. It’s odd but Homestead doesn’t look like an editor made up to current standards. It’s not the technologies that I’m talking about, it’s the very style. Somehow the editor manages to produce stylish templates but it has forgotten to get updated enough to look tastefully. It’s not the biggest deterrent but it kills my imagination sometimes and I can’t come up with fresh ideas.
I don’t really think that the drawbacks which I’ve outlined are seriously important or can make someone not use Homestead. As long as my website looks and works well I’m ok with it.

2016.10.13 at 08:02 written by:
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