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Making a site takes a lot of time and effort. You cannot make a site for sharing reports or complete a project you are working on. Google Sites, one of the best apps of Google, gives you a convenient way to do so. It is a hidden feature in your G Suit account, something not everyone knows about. You can have an intranet working for your company anytime and from anywhere. It was launched in 2008 and redesigned in 2016 making it further easy and offering all the tools perfectly organized. Select the one you need from the menu bar that appears. Both the versions of Google apps are available and you can opt for the one that you find comfortable and convenient. Both of them are easy and quick ways. And they are free. With your Google account you can have sites for you virtually in any number. Store up to 15 GB of files for free.
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Unnecessarily complicated
Rating: 1

Google Sites. I have a lot to blame on them. My main dissatisfaction is connected with the themes by them. They are mediocre. Oh, sorry. Google Sites makes a clear distinction. Users choose between themes and templates. It is obvious that themes govern the whole feeling of designs. They are responsible for colors and images. Templates deal with types of pages and layouts. It all does not make any difference. Despite all these innovations Google’s sites are not much new in the world of templates. It only brings unnecessary complications in. If you use the option to change page template you will deal with modifying the type of your page. To edit the base theme you will need to use such section as Themes, Colors and Fonts. Too many actions, too ugly results. All that I have mentioned does not influence the look of the sites drastically. Google Sites do not provide the level of customization options which could compete with Wix or uKit. It looks like Google Sites try to fool us. All layouts are predictable. They are based on 1-, 2- and 3-column style. The footer can be enabled or disabled. It becomes annoying and you want to leave this platform soon enough. Speaking of mobile view it is nothing special. The optimized sites are not provided automatically. If you do not optimize them manually your visitors will see the full desktop version of your site which will take ages to show up on a mobile screen. I do not want to be too harsh on Google Sites nevertheless I have no sympathy to them.

2019.11.03 at 08:39 written by:
GoogleSites are definition of boredom
Rating: 2

I'm not a whiz on computers. But even I found this builder to be one of the least user-friendly software. I haven’t seen anything more inconvenient for a long time. GoogleSites forced me to get Gmail account. It’s not a big deal to me but I hate being forced like that!!! I appreciate freedom of use and I don’t need dozens of emails on different sites! Alright, let it go. Once I completed the registration I got to the dashboard. Started searching a template for my site about fashion… Frankly speaking most of the templates look… uninspired. Such templates will hardly get me a lot of interest of visitors. When I was done with the basic settings I actually proceeded to customizing and building it all up. It was a definition of boredom! While I was able to add content, edit pics, use various widgets, much of the page wasn’t editable. Design settings were especially poor at this point. Even though GoogleSites look and feel like all the Google applications which makes its interface intuitive I haven’t benefited from it. I'm looking for other options.

2019.10.14 at 09:32 written by:
The service which disrespects its users
Rating: 1

Have only negative memories about Google Sites (I was their user in the past). After 4 months of low qualified services I’ve made a decision: Google Sites aren’t what I want. It’s predictable but this service’s features are only good for the use of intranet administrators. Those everyday users of such platforms (I am one of them) will be at a disadvantage. As far as I have realized the only easy-to-add feature is a map and links to YouTube videos (it would be pretty unforgivable if Google Sites didn’t support Google Maps integrations!). As I’ve written Google Sites don’t respect average users and this is outrageous! The lack of attention to ordinary website creators is so obvious. For instance I clicked Apps Scripts (this is one of addable features). A message popped up “You do not own any Apps Scripts on this site.” I didn’t get any further explanations. The feeling of being neglected is really unpleasant! Even if you have basic knowledge of HTML or CSS there’s not much fun for you on Google Sites. Open use of CSS is forbidden while use of HTML is severely limited. Capabilities for eStores and blogging are not wide either. Outdated designs don’t make things better.

2019.08.12 at 09:23 written by:
A shiny star in the Universe of the Internet
Rating: 4

My respects to the people responsible for bringing Google Site to the Internet, hat off. This is the easiest and the most exciting way to become the part of the technological reality. It definitely required some time for me to get acquainted with how Google Sites builder works and how to interact with it but it was absolutely worthwhile. Multiple templates have proved that developers of Google Sites are not a lazy team and they do think about the final users who will feel comfortable when choosing the appearance of a website. My delight knows no limits now! Making templates individual was quite complicated for me and I have failed to achieve spectacular results but on the contrary adding my own content was a real joy, it was as simple as naming my website. I would like to actually dwell upon the idea of integrations which is perfectly implemented on Google Sites. I have used YouTube and Drive for my website and both of these sources did not let me down. The thing where Google is definitely strong at is integrating its products together because I felt that I could literally leverage them with Google Sites. Incomparable! Always ready for immediate use editor is irreplaceable helping playing around with various settings before creating a serious site. It would be too unthoughtful of me to comment on hosting because it is simple enough aspect and the entire website get automatically hosted at This is just simple, no-fuss hosting and I am happy to recommend it.

2017.03.04 at 11:36 written by:
Google Sites could’ve been much better…
Rating: 3

How much I wish I could love Google Site wholeheartedly! I’m a big fan of what Google does, their services are usually made innovative, technological and futuristic. Google Sites are not. They are nice for those who use Google services but not for users from outside so to speak. Google Sites are more like an editor to publish simple presentations rather than a competitive website builder. With standard designs offered which aren’t a big fun Google Sites have little aspects which give a thrill. Google Sites are limited to just 100MB of storage. Sure, this beats Freewebs with their 40MB. Still it’s too little. Like any typical product by Google their builder is good to make a website public or private. They have even improved this option. It’s easily accessible now. From my own survey majority of their customers are happy because they can make a basic website in a short time. My personal opinion is that Google Sites are not good for publicity. Their types of websites are nice for communication within a business. If this is the goal then Google Sites aren’t bad. If the task is to create a flashy website on Google Sites then it’s a utopia. To the list of advantages can be added that you don’t need to know a single line of code to build something here and previous version of users’ websites are regularly saved. So far that’s all I can say.

2017.01.30 at 11:27 written by:
Haha, Google stop it
Rating: 2

Oh no Google! You’ve stooped so low. I can’t believe that the team responsible for the legendary search engine has created such a talentless tool. You offer us to choose between kinds of pages depending on the purposes and content. For no reason Google! Just have a look. - Web page. You make it possible to arrange this type to write, embed, attach and do whatever we want. Other types of pages are not necessary then. - Announcements. You’ve made this page to post news. It has nothing individual. We can easily adapt Web Page for this. - File cabinet. Here we can share and announce new files. We can do it using Announcments Page or even Web Page. - List page. It technically functions as the File Cabinet Page. It’s getting even funny Google. - Start page. It’s okay. No remarks. You’ve done a good job this time because we can show a personalized set of gadgets or add content so that anyone could see it. Google you’re really funny with these pages duplicating each other. I hope you’re just kidding us and you’ll become a good boy. Google don’t forget about third-party gadgets please. ;) You know that not all of the third-party gadgets work as planned. Consider Click-to-Call gadget, it doesn’t function right. Just keep an eye on it. Pleeeease Google.

2017.01.09 at 11:22 written by:
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