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Good E Commerce Solution
Rating: 5

I wanted to create my eCommerce site but I didn't have time to do it myself. After doing a quick search online, I found Exai. What convinced me to get in touch with the company is that it was the only platform that offered to create your eCommerce site for you. Unlike Wix or SquareSpace, I had a Skype call with the team and explained to them what I had in mind for my store. One week later, my small business online store was up and running. Thank you Exai!

2020.07.09 at 09:21 written by:
Good for business but needs updates
Rating: 4

I would recommend Exai platform to someone who is interested in commercial development. I’ve got a small company. We have clients from all over the world so we appreciate multilingual features. When I registered on Exai I wanted to have our site in English, Spanish and Italian. I didn’t know how to make it possible so I was slightly worried. Thanks to Exai it all was done easily within minutes. They do provide a feature to create multilingual sites. I’ve tried it and we still enjoy it because our site is available in three languages. To be fair Exai has much more languages to choose from among them are even Turkish, Chinese and Russian. It’s an indicator for me that Exai is a reliable platform which bears international cooperation in mind. Perhaps Exai doesn’t look that modern. Its design is closer to the 90s which gives a wrong impression. I mean I’d like to have a modern looking website builder which could inspire me with its design but Exai is a bit old fashioned so to speak. The same goes to their templates which are not very modern. Happily their customization options are wide enough to build a decent site. I’m glad that Exai helps our company with its international features but I’d like it to be more stylish.

2019.12.16 at 10:32 written by:
amazing templates with useful seo tips
Rating: 5

Being on is a real pleasure! I love this service because its advantages are innumerable. In my opinion a proper website builder can’t do without sophisticated designs. What offers is a nice selection of good looking templates. I’m never ashamed of my site by them because its layout is great. is smart enough. Even though their choice of templates is rather standard but there’re a lot of customization features on so you can always create something untypical. I’ve spent around 3 hours to make my site for a portfolio. Another feature which I like on is that I can search for a template by structure. Yes, there’s a filter which makes it possible to sort their layouts according to the structure which you need. To be honest I’ve never seen anything similar on other platforms. It’s very convenient. It goes without saying that all of their templates are fully mobile responsive and function perfectly on any device. I checked my portfolio on a tablet and I’m happy about how it looks. Their approach to seo is also well-planned. They offer a special tool which checks your site for Google compatibility. I tried and it helped me because I understood which aspects needed to be improved. A few months have passed on and any search engine can find my portfolio. is all I need.

2019.11.19 at 18:16 written by:
Many thanks to Exai!
Rating: 5

I’d like to touch upon such an aspect as site transferring. Many builders are extremely weak at this point or simply ignore it but not Exai. I had a hard time moving my site from Weebly to Wix which ended up in nothing. Exai promised me safe and convenient transfer so I believed them. I was afraid of losing my SEO and Google rankings, it would’ve ruined my business. Fortunately Exai has somehow duplicated my whole website and launched it on their own platform without any losses at all. This is incredible! I’ve never thought that things like that are possible. In fact they’ve saved absolutely everything including design, look and feel of my whole website. My content was also in safe hands because I didn’t have to update it at all. I’ve successfully migrated to their fully managed CMS platform. I still enjoy how my site looks and functions, it has the same Google rankings as before. This is wonderful! In addition my site is very flexible. I can update content and modify graphical elements. Many thanks to Exai team because they make it possible to transfer a site in an absolutely safe and reliable way. Try it yourself!

2019.11.14 at 09:20 written by:
Decisions for any business niche
Rating: 5

Oh my God, Exai is simply amazing! This is one of those platforms which can boast the maximum ease of use. This is no hint of exaggeration because is pure DIY website builder. When I found it a few years ago I couldn’t believe that making a site can be so easy! They stick to a wise policy which combines tools to customize block of contents along with pre-made decisions. It works perfectly for my site about design trends. Adding content and modifying it is absolutely simple. Exai team has done a great job to provide sites which are functional and appropriate for any business niche.

2019.10.28 at 17:02 written by:
An ordinary platform with a few interesting features
Rating: 4

I’m not that impressed with Exai. It’s an ordinary website builder with a typical set of functions. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Their advantages: • Convenient site transferring • Simple customization • Good SEO • Integration with social networks Their disadvantages: • No widgets available • A lot of bugs • Old fashioned designs • Mobile unfriendly I can praise Exai because they’re really good at SEO and transferring sites. This is one of the best platforms for these purposes. Unfortunately it’s not that good at use. Some of the pages load slow or get inaccessible from time to time. The whole service feels like you’re back in time. Speaking generally Exai is nice but it could’ve been MUCH better.

2019.10.03 at 14:46 written by:
Nice site builder!
Rating: 4

Exai is incredible! The main reason why I’m so enthusiastic about this platform is because of their approach to transferring websites. It’s not a surprise that some services do transfer sites from other platforms. Exai is also good at this aspect but they’re unique when it comes to transferring multiple sites. I couldn’t even believe that such a thing is possible but it’s true! They copy all the aspect of your sites to one central CRM. They’re the best at this aspect! Not only do they duplicate your design but SEO as well. I’ve tested this function and Exai has really copied all my Meta tags and Meta descriptions including the structure of pages. I couldn’t believe it for a long time. So I’m still testing each of my three websites transferred. I’m not sure whether they have saved their position on Google because enough time hasn’t passed yet to check it but it’s supposed to be saved. Exai professionals do it all by themselves so you don’t need to worry about messing things up. The whole process of moving took me about two weeks. Perhaps it’s not that fast but I understand that such a global process needs a lot of time. One thing which I don’t like on Exai is connected with registration. When you fill their registration form in they require you to leave your phone number which is obligatory. They don’t explain why they need it and they don’t send any verification codes either. I don’t like sharing my private information without a reason. Exai is still a nice place for a site.

2019.09.02 at 13:07 written by:
Convenient and functional site builder.
Rating: 5

My previous site was a piece of junk. I couldn’t edit it or manage my media properly. It was just a time eater. Now that I’m on Exai the site I’ve built is always under my control. I can upload different types of files such as pictures and audio. I’m not sure about video uploads because I use Vimeo links mostly. Site management itself isn’t difficult. Adding content and modifying it is simple and intuitive. I didn’t need much time to understand how this platform functions. I like it!

2019.08.17 at 12:11 written by:
Primitive but nice looking platform
Rating: 4

I can’t describe exai site builder as an extremely poor service. This platform is nice but it certainly lacks a lot of functions. For a start it’s too basic. I can add content and modify whole blocks, what I can’t do is to add any widgets. I was desperately looking for them but the page with widgets didn’t load. I’ve been on exai for about a year and there’s still no access to their widgets. The number of templates offered is limited. There’re no categories and no search bar to find the template you need. Yes, you can sort their templates by structure. It’s a good decision but not very practical one. As for me it’s mostly fun. Templates themselves are still well-done and applying them isn’t difficult. My overall opinion is that exai needs another policy which would provide deeper decisions.

2019.06.12 at 12:40 written by:
Sad and Disappointed
Rating: 1

I was swayed by the amazing reviews on this site. I built my original site in HTML and Exai was going to make it mobile friendly. Sounds simple, right? They still haven't gotten it fully functional after 3 months. Once they got my money, they stopped responding to my emails asking for help. They promised it would be secure "soon" in September when I signed up. Nope. Still not secure more than 3 months later.

2018.12.21 at 18:33 written by:
Flawless integration with Facebook
Rating: 5

I had a Facebook business page without a website. One of my friends advised me trying Exai website builder. I thought that I would copy paste my Facebook information and content to Exai platforms. Thanks God things were much easier than I expected. I found a tool on Exai which made it possible for me to convert my Facebook business page into a website. I just clicked a button and had everything done automatically. I still had to modify a few blocks which wasn’t a headache for me. By the way modifications are all done easily and I didn’t need any tutorials at all. Even though I’m not a technical user I can always make my site practical with features useful for business. Now that my business on Facebook and Exai are synchronized my income has grown up significantly. I think that such approach is useful for SEO because it’s easier for search engines to find my site and Facebook page. There’s one more thing which is good about it. When someone visits my website it’s easy to link them back to my Facebook page so my business becomes more popular. Exai is a perfect solution for business owners because it helps to develop in the world of Web and attract new customers. It’s made in a simple and clear way so you don’t need a team of expensive professional to hire.

2017.01.12 at 15:07 written by:
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