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Far from being the best choice for a website
Rating: 2

All of my life I’ve been making websites. None of the existing builders is a mystery to me. Just recently I had an order to build a website on Dunked. This isn’t my favorite platform since it lacks many vital aspects. I think an XML sitemap is of high importance. They contain the list of the URLs which can be indexed. It’s a good indicator for search engines which will read the pages more intelligently. Latest updates, frequency of changes and the importance of URLs, all of these are also contained there. I can’t ignore their importance. Unhappily Dunked doesn’t support XML at all. Sure, I can generate it all manually and submit to search engines. However things would be much easier if Dunked took care of it. According to Dunked they provide services for people to present their portfolios. Okay but Blog presence wouldn’t hurt. Unfortunately you won’t find one here. This builder doesn’t have a Blog tool leaving its users without opportunity to share news and attract more visitors. For me this is another flaw. The feature which might be important for business is an ability to make a website multilingual. Dunked hasn’t got anything of the kind either. Those who would like to advertise products for the whole world will not benefit from this website builder. Being well optimized for mobile devices it still has an underworked aspect. All of the websites developed by them have a slow loading time on smartphones and tablets. I doubt that Dunked is the best decision if you want an interesting portfolio. There’re much better platforms on the Internet.

2019.12.21 at 08:44 written by:
No one will ever use it!!!
Rating: 1

Dunked is stupid!!! The policy they stick to is unclear. They’ve created a place for people to showcase stuff but have forgotten to make it usable. Only a coder will benefit from Dunked. Hey guys, I’m a designer, I’m not supposed to code! I started building a website on Dunked a few months ago, picked one of the three themes and, erm… got stuck. Without proper coding skills I’d end up having another boring site. Yuck! Rubbish!!! Another example. Just like any other builder Dunked puts its logo in the footer. Any NORMAL builder deletes it when you buy an expensive plan. But not them. I’d have to open a code editor and delete it manually. But I DON’T HAVE SUCH SKILLS!!! Argh! Don’t know who will ever use it! It’s too primitive for professionals but not flexible enough for ordinary people.

2019.08.13 at 08:38 written by:
Well-detailed but has simple mistakes
Rating: 3

Well, was trying to decide between Squarespace and Dunked last year. Relied on the latter one finally. Dunked isn’t bad generally. As for me there’re no some very basic things that are vital. More features for self expression are needed. It’s a HUGE surprise to me that a lot of simple mistakes have been allowed to go live. The creator of Dunked is rather reputable. At the same time I’ve also noticed a variety of features that not many other website builders implement that often. When I can have users’ access under control and when I’m equipped with well-planned SEO I’m happy. I’m happy on Dunked as a result. On the downside is that for certain customizations (like improving header or footer or functional embedding) you need to be good at coding. Many clients of such services try to get away exactly from coding barriers. This is why I see it as a setback for Dunked. The thing is that the bright sides of Dunked are made flawless and I’ve never criticised them. It feels that developers of Dunked pay attention to detail what they’ve built. The platform itself is being improved constantly. The area where Dunked shines is responsivity. My website performed perfectly on all the devices I could find at hand. Hope things will get better!

2019.07.13 at 08:51 written by:
Mysterious disappearance of my portfolio
Rating: 2

Hrmph… I didn’t expect anything like that from Dunked. Its rating has fallen from 5 to 1 so rapidly… I had a lot of love for this portfolio maker. Now I’m at a loss for words. I’ve been having my photography on Dunked for a long time. Many people used to enjoy my works buying some of them. I was so happy with the ease of use and esthetic part! The fascination disappeared when I entered my website to see that it was gone! Without any trace or explanation I had only blank pages as if I’ve never designed them! I couldn’t even make up my mind about what to do… Having greeted my teeth I started from scratch. A few days later my portfolio left me again… How come! I didn’t break any rules. I didn’t publish anything illegal either. Got no clue what’s happened. Pure mysticism…

2019.06.19 at 08:34 written by:
Perfectly Simplistic Portfolio Platform
Rating: 5

This platform is not intended to be a large bulky website. It’s not ideal for a lot of diverse functions. It’s designed to help artists, musicians, for tog are for us and professionals to quickly and simply build clean, professional, and functional webpages. I’ve used it to develop a personal cyber business card, as well as a record label website, and a website for a photographer.
The genius of this website is that it can be maintained by a novice. Of course if you have some front end design experience the platform one can expand the functionality and bolt on additional services, but all the proper aesthetics and critical features are already in place.
It surprises me that the website is getting so much criticism. I assume it’s by those who are trying to build contrary to the nature and intent of this service.
For example, my wife has no website experience. She can barely manage her Facebook page. But she is able to manage this website, make updates and post photos and videos on her own. Her website is professional, and she’s been able to capture a lot of business through it. I’m convinced it has helped her build her business quite successfully
My record label website has experienced the same kind of progress. I love that the site is so clean, and intuitive. By being so, the website is timeless. It will look good in 10 years, just as it looked great over the last five or six years that I’ve used it. I have easily linked to Bandcamp, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and other external websites; and integrated them into my Pages as well.
Big thumbs up for this platform, but sometimes Go Daddy updates do affect the Dunked functionality and an email to their development team is required. Dunked team members do respond quickly and help give instructions if the issue exists on Go Daddy’s end.
Most useful would be for a photographer or designer to present their portfolio. This is what attracted me to Dunked. Clean, simple, seamless, classy. Fonts and colors are easily changed and if you have a friend with back or front end experience, the site can be easily expanded through the custom section. The is also a contact function that is helpful as well.
My complaints are that I wish the contact function would capture the email addresses of those who reach out, and store them. And I also wish that the text functionality was simpler to manage and maintain. Sometimes fonts to not remain consistent.
I wrote this review quickly. I hope Siri translated my thoughts well.

2018.07.10 at 12:34 written by:
Full of useful decisions
Rating: 4

Dunked is my big friend. I’m thankful for everything this team develops! I first made a test site to study the platform. Now I’ve published my official music site. The first steps are absolutely easy to make. This is a good characteristic to me. From the very beginning I arrived at the screen offering to build my project. Their navigation menu (whcih can be found on the left) is so clearly divided! It gives access to content elements which are pages and projects. Another part of the menu is responsible for design elements, these are themes and edits. When I tested uploading from my PC it didn't take me hours and was absolutely easy (! drag & drop type of uploading is missing). During my friendship with Dunked I’ve outlined that embedding is sort of problematic. It requires you to touch the very code. Naming my own pages is simple and intuitive which is a pleasant surprise. The thing which is either irritating or helpful is that URLs aren't generated automatically using the name of the project. Guess compacts URLs are undoubtedly better compared to the long titles. The thing which can be unexpected is that Dunked has 3 themes only. This is the aspect where Dunked feels underworked (as if developers released it too early). Although the templates are exceptionally attractive and work great they feel pretty similar. As you already know editing Html/Css is possible. Changing fonts and colors can also done without any obstacles. It is a great time-saver for people who need colors to match each other perfectly. Dunked is fairly good and has something to offer. Enjoying it. :)

2017.01.17 at 09:18 written by:
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