Photo is one of the most speedy web builders on the internet right now. It currently hosts 9 million sites created from its cutting-edge themes and technology. Even if you load lots of java script files, images or data bases, Duba still loads fast and looks the same on any screen. Duda is home to mind blowing themes from traditional fields like farming to modern day industries such as drone businesses, restaurants, saloons, financial services and other creative industries. Here is more as to why Duda is a perfect place to build your site. Engaging tools The Duda tools are great at fetching web visitors and turning them into real time customers. Duda gives you several options to engage your web visitors and customers. You can trigger page pop-ups, notification bars, contact forms or coupons for your ad campaigns. There is also the option for your clients to click a button that enables them to make an instant phone call to you. And when your visitors decide to visit your offices, they are guided by free maps up to your location. Business driving/SEO widgets Duda’s applications are in line with Google’s search engine optimization practices. If your site is aimed to draw traffic, Duda helps Google to identify keywords and Meta tags so that your Duda site can easily be accessed. Instant Mobile web builder Duda is very responsive. For the mobile target, it has a fast web conversion technology that is stress-free. What is required is to copy, paste and enter your desktop URL and then all your content gets altered and populated into a mobile version of your site.
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Widens audience
Rating: 4

I had a small travel agency and at some point I felt in need for more clients since we started to expand. Somehow I came across DudaMobile which looked like a nice decision for me. I’ve added their click to call and click to map features. They’re really outstanding because the clients of my agency can just tap their phone or tablet to contact us or find our nearby agency (we’ve got a few). It was a big surprise to me to know that I can even integrate QR codes which gives a lot of new opportunities. I don’t think that a growing business can do without social media integration. When I use DudaMobile all of my social media pages can be found in one place. It's convenient for our clients and they don’t need to spend time searching for us manually. Another advantage of such approach is that our Facebook albums can be imported easily. YouTube integration is also here which will be useful for bloggers I suppose. A wonderful feature that other services lack makes it possible to set up interactive events for customers. I haven’t checked it yet but I’m on it. When I work with DudaMobile I appreciate it that I can track the amount of traffic that comes. The platform is includes Google Analytics integration. Perhaps DudaMobile lacks in-built decisions, suppose they could’ve had a bit more of them.

2019.12.30 at 14:33 written by:
Proper mobile optimizer
Rating: 4

DudaMobile is fantastic! I’ve never had a reason to regret about my choice. This is an all-rounded website creator which has powerful functions. It gives me a well-featured drag and drop construction interface. The website which I have built is responsive and simple at use for my clients. It also comes with a lot of marketing tools which do help grow the number of my clients. The platform itself freezes when I do edits and I have to restart the browser. Still it’s a nice decision for people looking for a proper mobile optimizer.

2019.11.22 at 15:25 written by:
The easiest mobile website builder
Rating: 5

Couldn’t understand what was going on for a while when I started using DudaMobile. I thought it was another builder for designing and publishing websites. After a few minutes I understood that this service was made not for from scratch experience, it offers something for existing websites. How silly I was. Having made things clear for myself I uploaded my existing website to DudaMobile and had it optimized. I had a mobile version of my website about planes before but it was so-so. I entered its URL and clicked the necessary button. In a while DudaMobile converted my full desktop website into a neat looking mobile set of pages. I don’t mean that I had only layout changed. In fact I had a new set of features at my disposal made for mobile experience specifically. My website has become easier at use because DudaMobile has improved its tapping aspects (which used to be a kind of problem before). It all happened right before my eyes. Now that my full website has such a pretty junior brother I can change its layout, header, icons, and so on. It all is highly intuitive and requires no technical skills. I’m proud to show my website to anyone now. It’s fully responsive and I’m thankful to DudaMobile for such experience. This is probably the easiest mobile website builder.

2019.11.21 at 18:48 written by:
Powerful mobile features
Rating: 5

What I like most about Duda Mobile is its almost unlimited flexibility. I didn’t have a website at all before. All I had was a FaceBook page about my band. I was wondering if Duda could help me. Good news, it could. I synchronized it with the page I had and now I got a kind of mobile blog about my music. Duda can also absorb additional data from other sources which gives me more freedom at creating a website. It is also packed with various features which are not only mobile specific. This is what Duda Mobile offers: • Click and call function • Click and text function • Click and email function • Access to Google Maps • Multi location across (good for business) • Schedules online • Mobile discounts • Mobile tracking

2019.10.10 at 13:32 written by:
Flexible mobile editor
Rating: 5

I’m a designer and I like all types of interesting devices and software. What DudaMobile offers is quite unique as for me. I’ve never thought that there could be a platform to optimize websites for mobile use. This is incredible! Really! As a designer I do appreciate that when DudaMobile creates a mobile version of my website it automatically matches the colors so that both versions look harmonious. The website generated isn’t static and I can change any element using simple drag and drop tools. Adding new elements or hiding them, changing navigation and colors is all accessible and t doesn’t influence the desktop version of my website. Much appreciate it. DudaMobile offers even more flexibility for people with technical knowledge. It provides full access to the source code for increased flexibility and control over your website. It has a pretty basic code editor. Despite being a pioneer in its segment DudaMobile is made in a decent way and doesn’t feel underworked or something. Great editor!

2019.09.12 at 20:56 written by:
Full of practical ideas
Rating: 5

I’ve made my website mobile friendly by DudaMobile and I can’t stop using it. I’ve fallen in love with it. Whenever I have an iPhone at hand I open my website up. DudaMobile is full of tiny but useful things which make it much easier to optimize websites. One of such things is a bit of JavaScript which they offer. I installed it on my full website. Now when someone tries to access my website from mobile this code automatically redirects them to the compact version of the site. It makes me happy because I don’t lose visitors anymore. Another thing which I like about DudaMobile is an ability to connect a mobile domain to my site.

2019.08.20 at 13:08 written by:
Helpful for business
Rating: 5

Our company has a certain reputation and we set a high value on our brand name. When moving our website to a mobile platform we needed to retain all of its brand elements such as color, images, fonts, etc. Happy to inform you all that DudaMobile has done it without a slightest flaw. It has collected every image and placed it into a sophisticated gallery so that we can access and customize pictures easily at any time. The original scheme color of our website stayed untouched. Time is extremely important for any type of business and DudaMobile has saved us so many hours of work. Instead of creating the whole website from scratch we just converted the existing one. DudaMobile still has some mobile-website templates for those who are ready to try something different for their website. They’re constantly refreshed. As I mentioned above our reputation is of prior importance for us and we need our website to look perfect on any type of device. Thanks God DudaMobile is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone devices owing to HTML5 technologies which they use. We highly recommend this tool for you whether you want to refresh your existing website or to create a new one.

2019.07.04 at 12:44 written by:
Responsible and accurate converter
Rating: 5

Features and design are the basis which makes a good site building service, this is what I think. In case with Duda Mobile things are a little bit different because this mobile builder mainly uses already existing sources to convert them. The conversion is fulfilled flawlessly as far as I can judge. Duda Mobile does save the best aspects of the site chosen giving a wide range of options to set everything up manually. In other words Duda Mobile is a combined type of mobile builder: it helps generate a website automatically using the information provided and it gives an owner the freedom of creation. This is what I call a highly flexible and absolutely fair policy which deserves the best ratings. Duda Mobile helps with galleries, audio/video players, adding coupons, etc. when going mobile without leaving any specific business sphere unattended. The elements of design are a sacred thing because they can either kill a brand or make it popular. With Duda Mobile this part of a website is treated extremely carefully. Naturally Duda Mobile doesn’t change the initial color scheme and saves the same font style as well. At the same time there’s a plenty of tools to design something different. In fact, Duda makes it possible to build an entirely new layout for the mobile version of a website. These characteristics make Duda Mobile a reliable software.

2019.05.23 at 04:32 written by:
Please, add a Live Chat function
Rating: 4

Don’t have a reason to be harsh on Dudamobile. During the 3 months being here had a lot of pleasant moments. Usability is one of them. Was a bit uncertain about Dudamobile thinking that it was a kind of professional oriented portal… Not a bit of it! Very accessible and friendly site, blocks of content can be dragged and dropped and modified. Much love it. If only there was a tool to chat with customers online, some kind of a Live Chat you know. I don’t see any around. Many of you may find it in your digital store, I haven’t got one. Wish Dudamobile could give it to me.

2019.05.08 at 04:36 written by:
Quite an underworked startup
Rating: 3

Some projects DO NEED time to get successful, not simply popular, that’s the case with DudaMobile. The very idea which they stick to is AWESOME, I’ve never come across anything like that, honestly, but the way it’s implemented… leaves MUCH to be desired. Slowliness, that’s the adjective for DudaMobile, websites by them are very slow on mobile screens, it kills THE VERY IDEA of the platform. A well-optimized mobile website MUST BE light, fast to load and with simple navigation. In truth DudaMobile doesn’t optimize website well enough, the load speed is unforgivably low. The same applies to the editor itself, it takes a lot of time to do changes… By the way, changes! Many of them get discarded! Not that it’s a common case or happens regularly, time to time colors or styles require several attempts to be changed. Underworked! Similarly to this random images get missing… Some of the pictures ARE NOT displayed. Surely, it’s not a tendency, it just happens. Reuploading or reinserting them does help but it’s another case of DudaMobile being underdeveloped… Pretty sure that this service will fully spread its wings to become something bigger than just an IDEA, so far it’s just an interesting stratup.

2019.03.16 at 04:49 written by:
The tool which really works!!!
Rating: 5

Got soooooo much to say about Duda!!! The thing which is the core of my success, this what Duda is! The most incredible, unexpected and useful program! It made my website way beyond I ever dreamt about!!! The idea of making website mobile isn’t new but only Duda brings it to life properly. When I gave my fully functional promo website to Duda it turned into a kind of an App for any mobile! That’s how the wonders began… In a week or so I found out that much more people started to view my website, the mobile version I mean. I took some more time and that was true, the mobile version became much more popular than my full website!!! It was an unexpected but sweeeeeet discovery! There’s a gap between “artificially” generated generic mobile versions which many builders offer and Duda’s variant. It’s tappability. Each element, plug-in or any other part of the website optimized by Duda can be tapped and will function according to my plan! Irresponsible companies ignore it or simply forget about it but this is what makes the difference! The fact is undeniable though, now I have more views than before! Duda works, proved!

2019.03.10 at 05:29 written by:
Good at use, poor at publishing
Rating: 3

About 8 months ago I launched my business on this builder. My idea was to make a website which would look good on iOS and Android devices. I’ve spent more than three weeks designing it all up. It was well, very convenient and engaging. I finally launched my website and discovered that it didn’t show properly on Android devices and loaded partially on iOS devices. I’ve spent so many efforts to have known that my website doesn’t function well! Now that 8 months have passed they still haven’t repaired it and I doubt that they ever will. Even if it’s a big problem and it takes time to be fixed 8 months are a big period. They could’ve done something already. I just think that I could say for any possible users that DudaMobile is nice at making websites but not good at maintain them. Thanks a lot for taking your time to have read this review.

2019.01.08 at 10:11 written by:
A bit slow in the evenings
Rating: 4

DudaMobile is the tool which I use to make my websites mobile friendly. I have five websites for my creative projects. I’ve got positive impression about this tool mainly. In my opinion DudaMobile is an exceptional balance between functionality and useful tools. It provides professional and adequate services which are quite rare on today’s market. For this reason I like it. DudaMobile works slow in the evenings and it tends to be quite annoying. If I use it in the morning things are much better.

2017.02.15 at 16:01 written by:
Rating: 3

The idea of having a platform specialized in mobile products is appealing to me and what Duda has made is a breath of air but I’m experiencing certain problems with it. I’ve already finished my website on Duda and there’s something I’m not happy about. When I make changes they don’t get saved properly. I erase links to the pictures but they don’t get erased. The things shown in the edit area and in preview mode are different. I wanted to get rid of few pages but I can’t find a list of pages. Duda looks nice but feels a bit raw. I hope these issues will be improved in the future.

2017.01.30 at 09:14 written by:
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