Photo is a free site architect since 2006. Setting up a site to get connected with the entire world is uncomplicated and convenient now. No coding, no programming, not misuse of time and no long waiting period. Just as you decide to have a site, you can have with Doodle Kit. It is absolutely free until you wish to upgrade. Pick one or more templates you prefer, tweak and modify them to retain your own and publicize. There are progressive compositions for upgraded joiners. You can sync your possessed banners and trademark or make a side show, upgrade your site to become mobile friendly, get recognition on search results, add a blog to your site, form to cluster data from your joiners, add payment doors, forums, customized emails and many more with Real statistics of your site is procurable to monitor the movements going on. Get further free hosting and 100% prompt support for your ambitious site.
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Good for customization and forums
Rating: 4

Last June I finalized my decision for Doodlekit instead of getting into WordPress. I recommend you to do the same. It has lived up to my expectations and continues to please me. Great services! Really amazing! DoodleKit is one of those rare platforms that support user management. You can add users providing them different access permissions. Great! Admin, privileged or just a user, any level of access is available! Creating full-fledged forums isn’t a hindrance either. Love it! I’m proud to say that I know CSS code. It’s an advantage on Doodlekit, here they have the Advanced CSS Editor where I enter CSS rules to override any code. Don’t advise it if you’re a beginner, once you decide to use this editor there’s no guarantee that browser compatibility will stay stable. If you’re going to make a product that requires customization and a set of simple functions Doodlekit is what you need. It’s my favorite software today. Thanks very much!

2019.11.25 at 08:17 written by:
Through difficulties not to the stars
Rating: 1

I currently launched a new clothing line and I could not do without a website. Being naïve and inexperienced in the industry of Web decisions I chose the first available website builder. Vainly! Never did I think that making a website would be a way so full of obstacles. Through difficulties but not to the stars when it comes to Doodlekit. The most deterring thing is that the website editor itself entirely consists of odd red buttons all of which are linked to the form-based editors. In other words editing of my website in place was actually impossible because the buttons which I mentioned are just links to the forms. Not to mention that the look of these red buttons is very very bad! Whenever I saw my website they got in the way making it almost impossible to browse through. In addition Doodlekit has a drastic inconvenience connected with adding elements to the pages. The elements offered by their team have to be an entire page! I faced this problem when I tried to add a gallery page and I wish there was a simpler solution because it makes very little sense. I also wanted to have a form on the same page where I had a map and it just was not possible with Doodlekit. Ultimately I have a very bad impression of Doodlekit website editor. It is designed unthoughtfully at all! Needs a lot of functional improvements and it is not at all clear will they ever get better.

2019.11.15 at 08:06 written by:
Too clumsy to get used to
Rating: 2

I used Wix in the past. And I have now come back to it. After a painful experience on DoodleKit. Their attempts to provide good services are miserable. Don’t think they even try to improve their builder. Whichever DoodleKit’s theme you see it seems they all were made by the same pattern. The structure is always the same! A header, a sidebar and a content area. Nothing changes, no matter which layout is chosen. What an outdated approach! Sidebars are ancient by the way. Just a few websites use them. Themes are primitive. No responsivity or flexibility. Instead DoodleKit offers mobile themes. Apply them to your website. Don’t think it’s a good idea. This causes too many inconveniences. Making traditional mobile adaptive themes sounds more logical to me. Customizations are bearable. Used my imagination to the fullest. Made a few interesting pages. DoodleKit has never heard of live previews. I’ve wasted so much time making edits, refreshing my website and then viewing what I’ve done. This was the most painful task in my life. DoodleKit is the place where strange decisions live. They aren’t helpful at all. I don’t see why to get used to them. The result will still be disastrous.

2019.10.23 at 08:02 written by:
The worst non-existent customer service ever!
Rating: 1 is the worst experience I've had yet when it comes to domain/ web hosting services.
I decided to try out their site builder and was pleased with the easy and convenient set up. I then decided to upgrade to premium service and that is where my problem began. First off there is no phone number so you must email them and wait for a response if you get one at all.
After I submitted my payment, the confirmation message said that it could take up to 24 hours for my domain and upgrade to be complete. 4 days later my domain name was still available to the public (unregistered) and no upgrade took place on my account and I was still limited to the free account capabilities. I sent 2 emails to customer support and did not receive any response. I'm glad I paid with my paypal card because I'm certain that they wouldn't refund me anytime soon since I couldn't even get the services that I paid for.
I opened a Paypal case for a full refund and purchased better service elsewhere. If you don't mind waiting days/ weeks for customer support to respond and if you're in no hurry to receive services that you've paid for then doodlekit may be right for you.

2019.07.23 at 05:40 written by:
There’s nothing worse than Doodlekit
Rating: 2

OMG, Doodlekit was a nightmare! The poorest technology on Earth! I’m leaving you! Once and for all! For others: - It’s not Retina ready. - Has poorly-planned newsletters. - Lacks design from scratch option. - Doesn’t support multi-lingual features. - Restaurant menu is missing. - No audio players. - Doesn’t support podcasts. - Awkward customization. - No decent preview mode. - Sidebars are non-customizable. - Forms can’t be embedded into pages. - No integration with popular commenting systems (Disqus or Facebook comments) - Commenting moderation doesn’t seem to be working. I’m so fed up with all of these! Can’t treat Doodlekit as a serious platform!

2017.02.07 at 08:28 written by:
Not bad for eCommerce
Rating: 3

Having launched my shop site on Doodlekit 2 years ago I still have no certain opinion. The platform is so full of flaws that I just wanted to delete my shop’s site one day. Still it’s made with rare features which I appreciate. Doodlekit has a certain style and it’s undeniable, that’s what I know for sure. From my personal experience I remember that you can add Shop pages with it, they will act as eCommerce pages. A good idea. Unfortunately they’re far too simple, just look: instead of providing on-site checkout my customers are always redirected to Paypal. It’s not that bad but still requires you to do more clicks than necessary. Product categories! I’m dying to see them! Yes, I have access to product variations but it’s strange that they aren’t a part of the product editor… I can make nothing of it. Finally there’s no tool to edit the email receipts sent to my customers. It’s not that crucial either but having such an opportunity wouldn’t be a bad idea. Editing success messages is easy though, I can send my users a custom success URL. Unfortunately results aren’t stored (there’re no databases and I need to keep an eye so as not to delete them). Their form builder is something I don’t recommend. Really annoying at times, hope it will grow up to be better someday.

2017.01.21 at 08:12 written by:
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