There are numerous site constructing platforms, no doubt. is different because it provides personal support along with amazingly modest and intuitive app. They consider users as family and encourage all to join the community. Setting up a page on the World Wide Web should be smooth, uncomplicated and undemanding. It should be inspiring. So, Cubender furnishes with mechanism to possess that intuitive finish on the site that owner loves. With quintessential attributes and modern traits, demonstrates a valuable platform where users utilize their creativity to gain outstanding results. Whether you are new or have experienced setting up any site, Cubender is there with uncomplicated means. Complete control on style, look and feel of site is in user's hand. Regardless of possessing lack of knowledge and experience in site construction, you can be in possession of a stunning and exclusively beautiful site in cyberspace which is responsive with one page optimized for all visitors.
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Cubender needs more time to get mature enough
Rating: 3

Cubender appeared to be ideal on paper. I thought that this website builder would be good for today’s generation. So it was but only partially. I am a freelancer and published a website to spread my works. Cubender features crisp and quite responsive website building. Most of the basic goals are easy to achieve. Responsivity is a weak point though. Mobile websites don’t look perfect but function nice. The degree of style customization is acceptable. The basic settings are present and it’s simple to learn them. As for the features now. I’ve found some nice decisions for eCommerce but blogging could’ve been better, my opinion. Set of SEO options isn’t poor. They’re various but I don’t see any use of them. Tried to promote my website on Google, Bing and Yahoo, for nothing. Cubender should be taken into consideration sometimes in the future. It has a potential but needs more time to master their services. Considering all this I wasn’t surprised to find that I hadn’t quite succeeded with Cubender. I used its latest version which has matured to the point where it’s quite fluid and easy to use. I still believe that the bright future of Cubender is ahead. For the moment however this website builder doesn’t quite provide as much fun, intuitive editing and flexible responsivity as you’d expect.

2019.10.28 at 07:54 written by:
Four reasons not to use Cubender
Rating: 1

I’ve happily drifted away from Cubender. Got no regrets at all. If you still use it STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I don’t remember any aspect of Cubender which I could praise. Its options are extremely limited. Cubender can’t boast about a variety of themes or plug-ins. They’ve made a bunch of tools only. None of them can be used to build something exciting. Layouts are static. I tried to load my website on mobile but it didn’t work. Having waited for about 5 minutes I still couldn’t see any of the pages. Perhaps the layout I chose wasn’t responsive. Issues with the website creator are endless. The most significant one is that many users lose their websites few days after creation. Ridiculous! Bad SEO. My website is nowhere to be found. L

2019.10.08 at 07:51 written by:
Nice looking but useless product
Rating: 2

Time to take your blindfolds off people. Cubender won’t make your dreams come true. Never! I’ve tested it and it’s nothing more than just another sweet wrapped but useless tool. I’ve found that the editor on Cubender is inexcusably weak. Actually there isn’t that much you can do to tweak your website or build up a large online shop. Everything is primitively simple. When adding text or images you’re left with them the way they are being unable to bring serious modifications in. Everything is basic and I realized it quite fast that Cubender wouldn’t help me creating the blog to be proud of. I wish I could say that Cubender is good for making a business but alas! Even though Cubender doesn’t require much time to get used to it’s not an advantage. They’d better made a tool which is interesting at use rather than developing a shallow product. I just can’t see any reason why to use Cubender. They don’t offer any competitive widgets and integration with social media isn’t perfect. Uploading files takes ages at evenings! They have a long way to go to become professional. My advice is STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

2019.06.23 at 07:45 written by:
My favorite site builder
Rating: 4

Cubender is really fantastic! Nothing really compares I think. Been using it for 5 months now (got a site about tattoos). I'm so happy with all their services. Yeah, this platform is the most futuristic and fancy one that I’ve seen so far. They add updates all the time. Test them with pleasure (waiting for more now)! I can’t describe Cubender as anything less than a professional, functional and good-looking service. Another thing I liked about this platform was that their themes are easy to change. You can make a site using a certain layout and then change it. You are not forced to create a different site and you are not stuck with the layout that you chose. So fantastic! I believe this isn’t the case with other platforms out there. My only remark is that they could’ve provided more layouts... But frankly their team does make up for this in so many ways. Some of the objects that I found here were a bit confusing. Really, took me a while to grasp the whole idea of what a stack really was. It was worth of time spent. Finally I have built a site that isn’t an eyesore at all. I get a lot of positive and enthusiastic comments on my site mostly. Good job Cubender! A++

2015.12.15 at 07:57 written by:
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