What is the easiest way to make a website? Nowhere else will you be met with secure and reliable award-winning severs, customized for environmental protection. It is the professional choice, introducing an easy-to-use system catered to entertain both the beginner’s exploration of the craft while also providing the tools from which the master craftsman builds his works of art. Browse the gallery of modern layouts and start with a modern template, from which you expand and shape your page. It is the creative choice. Dress for success and tailor your shop as unique as you are. Pick a package to suit your business needs, depending on what stage your idea is unfolding. Choose between the Shop Building plans and subscribing to the Website Builder. Sharing ideas has never been so easy. Big shops, little shops – we got the plan for you. Your site will look presentable on all devices. is the modern market. From now on you can manage your store with ease – giving you the time to focus on what you love. Add products and accept payments and configure orders within a minute. Who said you need to be a technical savvy to manage a business of your own? Enjoy the thrill of being an online tradesman hassle-free. Running a business is hard work, unbearable should the website be your source of stress. We have helped businesses since 2002 – we have already taken care of the stress. We know the hurdles you will meet. With, they are gone. Manage your shop with ease. Let us help. Let us do what we do best. Explore the craft of website design with
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Secure and convenient platform with a few a bugs
Rating: 4

I’ve been a loyal user of for 8+ years. It all started with choosing a stylish template which looked modern those days. Now that time has passed on. I still enjoy how my site looks. I’ve modified it to make it up to date still. There’s a wide range of layouts which are updated regularly so follows modern tendencies of web design. Since my website is professionally designed I love it a lot. Its functionality is great too. Adding products and accepting payments is so easy that I’ve managed to set it all up within minutes. From time to time I have some of the products missing from the catalogue so I have to re-add them. It’s not very good though. This is a hassle free website builder. No previous knowledge is required to launch a website and manage it. Security is a matter of praise. All of their payment gateway partners are absolutely secure. They accept various credit and debit card payments from trusted providers. I’ve never had any issues with it. My customers feel safe on my website and they trust me thanks to If this website builder didn’t have some bugs it would be a perfect platform for me.

2019.12.13 at 17:04 written by:
A strong website builder for your online store
Rating: 4

I don’t think that Create is a poor website builder. Yes, there aspects which might not work the way I’d like them to but it’s not that critical. I’ve been their customer for a long period of time and I have three websites based on this platform. I like it that my sites are always searchable owing to presence of decent SEO settings. On the downside, when I add a large number of products I feel that it is somewhat long winded and tiring. Still it’s not a big problem because I enjoy this process.

2019.12.04 at 16:15 written by:
Flexible set of features to choose
Rating: 5

I’ve got a website on Create and I love this platform so much really. The aspect which I appreciate most is its flexibility. Create doesn’t push me to use expensive features which I don’t need. It has a decision which suits my modest shop perfectly. It also helps to boost visibility of my website on Google. Like it. Analytics is what I really need and I have it on Create. It offers integration with Google Analytics which includes all features necessary for me. Create’s Shop dashboard is amazing. It’s a very practical and useful tool. I do recommend using Create to those of you who want a tailor-made decision with a lot of useful features.

2019.11.23 at 09:44 written by:
thanks create!
Rating: 5

It is just impossible to stay impartial when you like a product… You do not need to expect me to be reasonable and argumentative… I simply love create and this is it! I set up a website to sell online some months ago, used this platform. after dealing with simplesite company it was a breath of fresh air… Create is really flexible and has 6 packages for dedicated retailers working online. Retailers who are just dipping their toes in this sphere will find suitable offers too. I am neither the former nor the latter one, i am somewhere in the middle… The factor which makes create plans different is the amount of the storage and bandwidth. At the minimum 3 of their plans offer unlimited storage/bandwidth… it helps to save a lot of images and have a lot of visitors. the size of your store and the set of features for selling also influence the choice of your plan… The more you want to sell the higher plan you choose. these features are included with each plan available: 1. full hosting and security technologies 2. absence of transaction fees 3. compatibility with all devices 4. management of your domain 5. email administration My final words are: create is so flexible and helpful that I certainly recommend it for eCommerce. 5/5

2019.10.13 at 04:08 written by:
The best platform for any type of online store
Rating: 5

I think is a perfect decision for online store owners. This platform has a lot of features and widgets which make selling experience enjoyable and rewarding as well. So their content management system is incredibly practical and it helped me to have built a decent store by myself. Their design templates are nice and my store looks unique. There’re six eCommerce packages to choose from. They vary according to the features included and according to your budget. I’ve subscribed to one of their plans which is packed with order processing features which are very useful for me. I guess such approach is great because you can find what you need whether you’re a young entrepreneur or an experienced businessman. Bandwidth is also taken into consideration on I have small shop and I don’t expect a lot of customers so I can save some money on this aspect while high traffic online enterprises can also find an interesting variant. Still there’re general features which are included in each plan such as management of domain, fully-hosted website and personal account manager. It all makes a useful and helpful platform.

2019.10.04 at 11:47 written by:
Professionally looking and responsive templates
Rating: 5

Create online store builder is something that can’t be overestimated. It’s a service to choose if you want to sell successfully and easily. In my opinion the most important part of any website is how it looks. Owing to Create my online store is a visual pleasure. There’re some of the features which help to make a pretty looking website. • Templates of professional level • Responsive designs • HTML5 friendly layouts • Editable colors • Various drop menus • A lot of widgets • Variety of galleries • Customizable slideshows All of these features are really easy at use. They’re made baring an average user in mind so I didn’t need to spend a lot of time making my site. Appreciate it.

2019.09.13 at 10:09 written by:
My online store is full of useful functions
Rating: 5

I’ve never been on a website builder which is more powerful than This platform is amazing and has so much to offer. As a business owner I need a lot of tools to make my website simple for customers. is extremely helpful at this point. They offer a decent product search functionality which makes it easy for my visitors to search for items on our website. I also like that is equipped with Related Product suggestions. It makes my site friendly because our visitors can see a wider range of items on offer. There’re Customer Also Bought suggestions as well. So I’ve got fully functional online store which is user friendly. Great!

2019.08.24 at 20:07 written by:
Looks good but doesn’t work well
Rating: 4

I’m quite satisfied with Create but I guess there’re way too many things which could’ve been improved. The best thing about Create is that they always offer new features which help to make a modern looking website. Here’s what I think about them. Positives: • Start from scratch approach. You can register your domain (or transfer an existing one) and start designing your websites. • Basic skills are enough to use it. It’s easy to modify text and images added. • A rich variety of templates. There’re a lot of ready-made decisions for different types of stores. • Support of HTML and CSS codes. If you have such skills you can build your own templates. Negatives: • What you see isn’t always what you get. Previewed and published versions of your website may have differences so you need to be very attentive all the time in order to fix it. • Website can be inaccessible. They usually fix it within hours but it still happens. • Search functions have flaws. It doesn’t handle search strings and if your customers type more than one word they’ll face problems. • Font size tends to get out of control. There’re other small and irritating things but nothing has pushed me to look for another website builder. So I’m still staying where I am.

2019.08.11 at 13:22 written by:
Good for SEO, blogging and sharing
Rating: 5

I was looking for a platform to launch my website a few years ago. I wanted to have something with a wide functionality but simple at use. I’ve found Create builder and I do enjoy it. This platform looks rather simple but it has a plenty of features to build a reliable website. For example, my website is integrated with different social media because Create supports integration with them. Sharing is never a problem in case with my website and presence of such widgets is an advantage. Create also provides search engine submissions which are very useful. SEO management is also at hand so my website is easily searchable. I can add title tags and meta descriptions to each page I’ve got on my website. Image optimization is also here and it’s made in a very simple way, no need to wreck your brains. There’s something else what makes me love Create builder. In differ from other platforms it provides sitemap creation. To be honest I’ve never had such a feature before. Blogging is another big strength of Create because it is made with a wide set of functions which help me to keep my customers informed about new products and discounts. I can’t but say that Create is my favorite website builder and I will never leave it.

2019.07.13 at 14:05 written by:
Been with Create for 4+ years, says enough I think
Rating: 4

My lvl of skills on Create is far beyond the 80th. :) A user with 4 years of exp, that’s who I am. Seen mostly positives on Create. First of sharing. This is where Create excels at. All the social media buttons, sharing and all this stuff is here. Just added it and forgot about social problems. :) Email to a friend widgets is something that Create hasn’t missed. On-page seo management is a good thing, Create got it! Just like any decent website builder it comes with editable title tag, meta descriptions and so on. Unlike many other builders it has image optimization and rich meta data/schema markup. This is something not be found easily with other platforms! Blogging… nah, it’s not among the positives. Find it too underdeveloped. :( It has basic settings such as marking of the posts but no advanced options. It’s a black ugly spot on a perfectly white canvas. :( Guess Create is the choice to promote websites. It brings sitemap creation with search engine submission (not SEO services!) to the table but it’s not good for having fun.. It’s my choice though, staying with Create. :)

2019.05.17 at 04:17 written by:
Rating: 3

When I chose there were not many rivals around. I never felt satisfied with but I had no choice back then, so I greeted my teeth. Today the market is MUCH richer, thinking about something different to find. Still I’m in search but I don’t really enjoy my being on ALL of its tools are very frustrating because they’re extremely difficult to use. They’re quite limited, I’m talking about the tools made exclusively by Yes, they use a lot of third party integrations but it’s not really good for a website builder to rely on something that already exists. The BIG issue with tools! they’re not really functional or practical. Feels like they are made for the sake of appearance. They exist but when I apply them I don’t understand how to make use of them really. I’m pretty sure that a half of Create’s tools could be deleted and I wouldn’t even see any difference. The style of the layouts isn’t that admirable. It’s okay for a simple website with basic links but it’s not an option for a brand with recognizable colors, logos and fonts. My message is that offers unnecessary services for quite a lot of money. Save yourself from the frustration and AVOID it.

2019.05.11 at 04:26 written by:
Easy to make a great looking site
Rating: 5

I’ve got long-term and (must admit) kind relationships with the service named as Create. I’ve been using it happily and have nothing but good memories which I would like to describe today. The first thing which I can’t ignore is that preparing a site for its life on the Web and integrating it with a domain name is not a troublesome process. It’s an important factor for me personally because I’m of the opinion that simplicity isn’t always a bad quality. Being simple Create doesn’t feel unprofessional (or underworked) which is proved by the templates offered. As far as I know all of them are based on HTML-5 codes. As for the code itself, it is opened for people with the corresponding knowledge and welcomes you to make something personalized. It’s needless to say that Create makes the templates highly responsive and absolutely adaptive which is a big plus. An opportunity to modify colors of the elements, backgrounds and fonts definitely reflects credit to Create. In differ from other services which tend to be unreasonably primitive Create includes drop menus with a fair amount of the levels to add. The big list of the advantages also comes with various widgets and galleries which all make sites by Create functional and interesting.

2019.04.17 at 04:14 written by:
Not a good solution for a first step in business
Rating: 3

I’ve recently conducted a kind of analysis concerning In my opinion it’s good for online commerce mostly while it lacks features for musicians, bloggers or designers. In addition, for users looking to get started with an online shop for the first time there may be better platforms to start a journey with than Create. The reason for this is that many of their plans include features unnecessary but expensive for young entrepreneurs. However Create has a nice content management system which is robust enough to give a businessman some chances against meaningful names in any niche. This is a good solution though in case you’re not good at web design, have no time to devote towards inbound marketing, and no interest in finding other alternatives to Create. I’d describe it as an all-in-one decision to sell on the Internet. The learning curve still could be a bit higher.

2017.03.17 at 04:20 written by:
Excellent tools to boost sales
Rating: 5

What a miraculous website I’ve got on! I want to show it to you so much but I won’t or my review will look commercial. :) I’ve got a small shop with my wife selling rare plants and it’s so great that I can’t stay silent! Anyone who sells on the Internet knows how painful it is to have no opportunities to categorize items. :) It’s not a big deal on! I’ve added a Product Search bar and it works wonders. :) We have so many plants that searching for something particular manually would repel the buyers, it’s obvious but now that I’ve added the search bar things are much better. The number of the characters to type in is limitless! It’s important for us because some of the plants have long names in Latin. The search results are also flexible. If someone types let’s say “Tulpa sosnowsky” instead of “Tulipa sosnowskyi” the search bar will ignore such an error. Related products functionality is provided on as well! Wow, it’s made perfect! J It’s based on the principles of work which any builder must have! Whenever someone searches for a certain plant our website advices similar ones. Boosts sales incredibly! :) There’re a lot of features like these. “Customers also buy” is here as well as others! This is the best idea! Prefect builder, reliable and easy to use! :)

2017.03.05 at 04:10 written by:
4 out of 5
Rating: 4

Create is a powerful tool for an online store. It has various offers which are good for various types of business. I’ve got two websites by Create and they both are provided with different features and even different content management systems. It’s convenient and it helps to focus on a certain type of business better. I’ve tried two of their plans and they both have unlimited bandwidths. Since I have a lot of products to sell on one of my websites I appreciate that Create offers a plenty of storage space for photos. I suppose Create isn’t that bad for other types of websites such as blogs however the full list of content management and marketing services are reserved for eCommerce websites.

2017.02.20 at 12:29 written by:
Competitive platform which doesn’t care about small business
Rating: 3 is a nice website builder. I can’t blame it really. It has all the features and tools necessary to build up a decent and competitive store. The biggest problem is that all of their best features are inaccessible for customers with low budget. So if you plan to launch a small online store it will be difficult for you to compete with more powerful websites. Such a policy is understandable but there’re a lot of other website builders which offer the same features much cheaper or even free. This is why I don’t want to describe as a poor builder but they don’t take enough care about small businesses. It’s a pity.

2017.01.17 at 08:20 written by:
Just works
Rating: 4

Been on Tested it. Used it. Liked it. Nice place. Very nice place indeed. Spent many years with Create. Good for analytics. Create supports Google Analytics. Connected it within minutes. Needed some time to set it up. Now I check the statistics at any time. An in-build tool to track visitors would be good. Still see no problems as long as analytics by Google exists. Create has a shop dashboard. Very useful thing. Made my experience much better. It feels complicated using it. Needed a bit more time to understand it. Still manageable. It offers numerous advantages. They’re not exclusive. Used to have a website without custom tracking codes. Was very frustrated. Create gave me this feature. Made my shop much better. Have received a lot of thanks from people buying from me. Got several complaints. Create doesn’t feel modern. Not that it’s a problem. It kills the creative spirit a bit. The overall design is kind of discouraging. Need to make myself continue building my website. Some of the features are non-flexible. Add them. Launch them and this is all. More settings up are necessary. It comes to carousels mostly.

2017.01.10 at 04:23 written by:
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