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Incredible platform!
Rating: 5

Cabanova is perfect at giving freedom as well as at guiding users on the way to a final website. I use their services and I’m very positive about what they offer. I’ve got a dance school with a beautiful logo. I thought that adding it to an existing template would be a problem but it wasn’t. I just inserted it instead of pre-existing one. Really simple. I can change size and placement of my logo to match the overall style of my site which is a big advantage because some website builders impose restrictions on this aspect. I appreciate that Cabanova offers theme colors. If I want to add a text it’s offered with a set of colors which are the best for my template. It’s good because I’m not sure that I can match colors in a way stylistically right. If you’re a designer there’s an opportunity to choose any color you wish. Incredible platform!

2019.12.21 at 20:21 written by:
Poor mobile view
Rating: 4

What a pleasure it is to visit my site on Cabanova. It’s nothing less than a piece of art. An attractive slider, clear navigation, readable text blocks, helpful widgets and simple structure make it a pretty nice recourse. That’s no type of sarcasm because I do admire my website by Cabanova and I get a lot positive comments from users. Interaction with them isn’t complicated by the way. I’ve added a small forum and provided it with some polls and a guestbook. They all are inbuilt and installing them is a matter of few clicks. Cabanova also offers their native Counter which is easy to integrate and doesn’t require any complicated verification. But it all fades in comparison to the mobile version of my site. This is terrible! My header is moved down and covers the whole site. Consequently you can’t read a thing under the header. My footer is gone when viewed from a mobile. I tried to fix it all but it only got worse. I can’t stand my mobile site and I’m really embarrassed when someone criticizes it. Shame on you Cabanova!

2019.11.11 at 17:14 written by:
Full control over my site!
Rating: 5

Cabanova is one of the best platforms I know. Their SEO is excellent. My site has high ratings on Google and I’m proud of it. Editing my site is extremely convenient. There’re two types of an editor here. One of them is a typical editor to make changes another one is focused on a mobile version of a site which is helpful. Cabanova is also good because it can be edited from a mobile device. So I don’t need to stay at the computer all day long. I just use my tablet to move and modify blocks of content. Special thanks for this. I can always see how my site looks because there’re a few modes to do it. One of them is Draft view. I don’t need to publish my site to see how it functions. I just choose this mode and understand whether I like my site or not. When my site is published I can view the final product as well. Nice!

2019.11.05 at 15:38 written by:
Contact features are great
Rating: 5

Thanks a million to Cabanova! They’ve got Undo button! It used to be a headache for me when I was on another website builder and I couldn’t undo anything. Cabanova lets me to be free with editing but this isn’t the reason why I like this website creator. My agency needs a sophisticated contact page. There’s a Map tool with deep settings so my clients can always find me. Cabanova also offers an amazing contact form. It includes all the fields necessary such as Name, Email, Subject and so on. All of them are customizable. When I add my email to a page I can set it up so that my clients just click on it to write me a message. It’s a very nice feature because it helps to save time. Saving time is extremely important for my business and for my clients as well. Cabanova is great when it comes to using links. I can link any element to a page of my website or to an external source. I can also control how new page is opened (in a new tab or not). It’s useful because I don’t want to distract my visitors.

2019.10.04 at 15:15 written by:
Helps to write readable articles
Rating: 5

Cabanova is great for those who work with text. I write small articles and I appreciate that this site builder offers me all types of formatting. I can choose size, color, font, style and other options to make my articles vivid and readable. Headings and paragraphs are all editable. Cabanova is also good because it underlines mistakes. Whenever I add a text it’s getting underlined with a green line if there’re spelling problems. It helps me a lot. Presence of a powerful gallery is important for me too because I do add illustrations to my articles. Cabanova offers a convenient gallery which makes it possible to set it up how the images are displayed. I think Cabanova deserves a rating much higher than 5!

2019.09.12 at 16:29 written by:
No proper search for templates, nice SEO
Rating: 4

There’s a tremendous disadvantage on Searching templates is a torture. There’s no full page where you can search something decent. What they offer is a small window with templates listed down so you have to scroll them and pick a layout up without previewing it. I want to know what I choose, I don’t need a pig in a poke! If I choose a template and I don’t like it I need to delete it and start searching over from the very top of the list which is irritating. This is my main complaint about I like them because they provide access to HTML code. This isn’t that common on website builders today. Their SEO is well-planned too. There’s an opportunity to add titles, descriptions and keywords.

2019.09.10 at 20:06 written by:
Very Poor service
Rating: 1

If you have a problem, wait a week or two before they answer you and probably not with a solution. The services are bad and this not very serious. Also Templates are very old fashion compare to other existing platterform like that. I will not advise anyone to choose Cabanova, there are much better and more serious elswhere

2019.09.10 at 11:00 written by:
Lost $44.50
Rating: 1

I paid $44.50 for 12 months of webuild with domain name, the domain name never registered and I was logged out of my account. I sent 2 emails to Cabanova but they never replied. I have lost the money with no service.
I have never come aross this type of site before, they have not only taken my money but not replied to me or given me any product or service, very scammy.

2019.09.06 at 03:37 written by:
Highly flexible platform
Rating: 5

Cabanova is an underestimated website builder in my view. I’ve been on it since 2014 and I think that Cabanova can compete with many modern platforms to create sites. The best thing about them is extremely high flexibility. When I made my site I was slightly worried whether it would be good on a touchscreen. It was. All of the sites created with Cabanova are fully compatible with touchscreens. As a typical website builder which is REALLY flexible Cabanova makes it possible to redesign their templates from scratch. I can modify any element on the page or remove it if I’d like to. I can modify size and color of the objects and I can place them anywhere on the page. So freedom is welcome here. I like it a lot. Another aspect to praise is mobile adaptation. I have several websites by Cabanova and all of them are mobile adaptive. They never look odd when viewed from iPhone or any other device. I’m happy with how my sites look on a mobile. I can also modify mobile elements in case something is wrong. It’s good to know that Cabanova never stays outdated. Their team is busy developing new tools and designing new templates which are published regularly. I can’t but say that Cabanova is a good platform to launch a serious website.

2019.08.14 at 11:33 written by:
Rating: 4

Cabanova is good in general and when it comes to details as well. What they offer is a well-balanced platform with proper SEO functions, nice looking designs and useful tools. Even though their choice of widgets could be wider what they have functions properly. You can also install external plug-ins which will work without bugs. I’ve tested their integration with YouTube, Mailchimp and other services. I’m impressed. What I like about Cabanova is that they don’t restrict me when adding files and objects. I can make my site highly functional because there’s an opportunity to insert buttons, tables and all types of forms. Video and audio are also on the list. Cabanova allows to use 15 keywords only for a site which isn’t that much in my view but their sites are still searchable.

2019.07.05 at 18:19 written by:
No backups
Rating: 4

I use different website builders for my sites because all of them have certain advantages. Importing and exporting site is extremely important for me. I don’t want to copy paste data all the time. Cabanova is one of the best decisions for me at this aspect. This platform seems to be designed for convenient site transfer. They’ve got a feature known as Download Site Files. I tried it when I wanted to duplicate my site by Cabanova. So I had all of my files archived and I could simply use them on another platform. Cabanova also supports Export/Import site feature. It uses a special file which stores all the data. I’ve also tried it and it worked well. I can’t say that it’s made flawless because I still had to add some data manually but it make the whole process of site transferring much easier. Even though Cabanova is good at transferring aspects it’s not good when it comes to creating backups. I have to click Save button all the time to make sure that my changes are saved but Cabanova doesn’t create backups automatically. So if my computer crashes I may lose my edits. Cabanova is a good choice for those who need a modern decision to build a good looking website.

2019.06.04 at 19:52 written by:
Professional templates
Rating: 5

I’ve got a site about modern literature. I made it with Cabanova a few years ago and I’m absolutely satisfied with it. I like their designs and their approach to choosing a template. They’re true professionals. There’re over 300 templates offered which are good for any type of business. No typical categories such as Design or Music but Cabanova does well without them. They offer a search bar so I just typed “books” in and found a decent template for my site. This is much more convenient as for me. There’s an opportunity to choose from New, Generic and Blank Templates. It’s amazing. I’ve tried all of them and it really helps to build a site based on a pre-existing layout or make it from scratch. Having tried both of the variants I can say that they both have advantages. I was surprised to have known that Cabanova also has pre-defined pages. When you make a site you can choose Contact page for example and Cabanova will add it to your site with all the standard features such as contact form, map and so on. I’m very enthusiastic about this platform because it helps to make a beautiful site whether you are good at design or not.

2019.05.06 at 15:04 written by:
Helpful for a blogger
Rating: 4

As a blogger I find Cabanova very useful. This platform is good for me because I can provide all types of content from news and articles to video reviews. Integration with social media is very important for any blogger and Cabanova knows about it. They offer Facebook Like and Share buttons. Twitter is also here. Google + is present. I can’t complain about this aspect. The only problem is that Cabanova tends to be glitchy. Their editor freezes at times. I was logged out without a reason once and lost my progress. It would be nice if Cabanova were more consistent.

2019.04.20 at 21:05 written by:
Editable HTML code but slow loading
Rating: 4

One of the best things about Cabanova is that they’re not a pure drag and drop tool. Yes, you can drop elements onto a page, it’s not a problem here but you can also edit HTML code. Cabanova offers simple but nice HTML editor. It looks like a typical Notepad++ and it’s convenient at use. I always have it opened it because I don’t want to use pre-made templates. When I edit Cabanova’s HTML editing the final result is always perfect so I don’t worry about my site behaving in an unexpected way. There’s Select All feature on this platform. It’s good to have something like that at hand because it was a troublesome task on Wix. I couldn’t select all of the elements so I had to click them holding ctrl and it wasn’t always successful. Thank you Cabanova for Select All function! Sometimes Cabanova loads slow. I mean its editor and some of its pages. It’s never predictable and I don’t know why it happens. I still feel sympathetic to this website builder. Even though it looks minimalistic it offers powerful features.

2017.01.08 at 13:34 written by:
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