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Extremely easy to use but too many mistakes
Rating: 3

Our previous website (which we inherited from a partner) was out of fashion, dreary and inaccessible for mobile devices. Without any hesitations we jumped to Perhaps it was a snap decision. Yes, is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use builder. It is a fantastic starter website for a small business owners like us. Promoting our products and services is all pleasure. With easy to follow steps we had our web pages up and running in no time. No problems about it. The published version of our website however is quite different from what we saw in preview mode. It lacks social media links and a few pics that we added. We were slightly surprised to have known that and now that a few months have passed we still see no way how to improve the situation. Even if we do modifications they don’t always show up. Once again we can see them in the preview mode but when it comes to the published version of our website some of them are missing. Can’t understand it. I wouldn’t really like to transfer our website form I love its ease of use and The Control Panel which gives us the full access to convenient tools but these silly mistakes are unbearable. If things won’t change we’ll have no choice but to leave. It’s sad.

2019.11.13 at 07:35 written by:
The worst experience I’ve ever had!!!
Rating: 2

I had a terrible experience with Buildyoursite! I’m so upset with them! I'm starting to freak when thinking about it! Buildyoursite does offer all the basic features to build a website. Adding pages, text, images, contact forms and HTML snippets was possible. And that’s about it! There was nothing too impressive about all of these elements. My website looked and functioned like it was made by a retarded kid!!! The workflow itself was horribly slow. Main windows took a few seconds to open! They did cover most of the workspace as well. This was what I had to deal with instead of finding creative decisions!!! It was crazy! The navigation on hand-held devices left toooooo MUCH to be desired. All the smaller versions of my pages were absolutely impossible to navigate through! You would need a powerful magnifying glass to see something. This was way too much for me to spend my money down the drain. Closed my account and said sayonara Buildyoursite!

2019.10.30 at 07:30 written by:
Good at designs, not good for mobile
Rating: 4

Just published another website on Buildyoursite. Delighted with the results again. Elegant looking, well-organized and modern piece of work which I’m proud to show. Yep, this is a miracle. Can’t stay away from words of praise. Speaking about details Buildyoursite is a one click tool and I’ve completely forgotten about all this boring coding here. With thousands of templates it gives the ability to make all of my 4 websites stand out from the crowd. This is the sweetest part. Thanks to Buildyoursite I don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter layouts which make websites look the same. There’s an access to the gallery of over 4,000 designs which take care of different spheres of life and business. This is an impressive number as for me. The industries covered are pretty basic though. I was able to select from such themes as technology, wellness, real estate and others. The good thing is that Sitebuilder is provided with filters to narrow the search by choosing design and color options. Goes without saying that all the templates are customizable. Being not locked into a static form is a huge advantage. I can easily edit, move, and delete any element or the whole section on the pages added. Mobile capabilities aren’t good enough however.

2019.09.20 at 07:40 written by:
Build your site somewhere else!
Rating: 1

After using Squarespace for quite a long time I changed the whole perspective of my business. I have changed most of the aspects connected with marketing and design. Somehow I came to BuildYourSite. Choosing it was a bad choice and I am ready to admit it. If you want to be convinced of WHY NOT to use it keep reading… The most important criterion when evaluating a platform to build sites is their level of innovations. I need to know how good it is at keeping up with the latest design tendencies and functionality aspects in the Web industry. On BuildYourSite I was not actually thrilled with what I found. In my view it does not appear that this platform has been updated since 2005. This becomes so obviously clear when looking at the design themes which they have. The worst aspects of BuildYourSite are: - Blogging. You have a limited amount of pages only which are note designed to make a blogger happy. - Mobile. There are no mobile-specific options. - SEO submission and promotion. It is impossible to find them on BuildYourSite.

2019.08.20 at 07:25 written by:
cool app
Rating: 4

I do really like the design of this app. Typography colors, the location of the element. It really did help me to save the time when I needed to create a small landing page. It was very easy and fast. I made it for half an hour. Before I used some free themes of Mobirise builders but then I wanted to buy a basic subscription for a month. It turned out to be so cool

2019.04.05 at 08:31 written by:
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