Constructing crafty and artful site without coding knowledge was next to impossible in recent past. has accomplished this along with cutting short the time involvement to great extent. Now, anyone can form, set up and manage a site on his own. Take the demo tour and everything will be crystal clear to you. Varied fields of intriguing can be mixed and harmonized as per the user's wish and stipulations. manages text part with apps which are included in the library by dragging and dropping after selection. So, you can include, edit, modify and change content anytime. Include, remove or rename the apps if you want. Absolute control of the components in in owner's hands. Confirm after appraising the packages to embrace the latest mechanics. Demo tour, a quick walk-through of the features setting apart from others, is extremely essential. So, take the tour, signing up for free as Breezi is fully hosted and supportive platform.
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Apps not bad, management is poor
Rating: 3

Breezi is rather a mediocre player on the market. I tried it for my company and I can’t remember anything spectacular about it. I suppose the interface is the most interesting part in case with Breezi. It looks like it was made specially for people who have a relation to professional design. Many tools do mimic the ones which you will find in Photoshop. The image editor is one of them. Just like any other product of the kind Breezi also provides features such as carousels, widgets for social networks and so on and so forth. Implementing them isn’t very simple but still manageable. Even if you’re the god of making websites you’ll have hard times creating a buzz without having knowledge at the Internet marketing issues. Luckily Breezi is quite helpful allowing to throw up a pretty blog or to create wonderful galleries. This takes a lot of effort on Breezi (when compared to other products on the market) but you’ll be rewarded with high rankings on Google and other search engines. Bad news. Breezi forces your hand because you must host your email offsite. FTP options are not available either. Another trouble is connected with modifying their websites. If you plan to hire a web designer in the future implementing changes will cost you a lot of time without any guarantees of success.

2019.10.23 at 06:59 written by:
Fast launch but no SEO
Rating: 4

It’s not that I’m euphoric about Breezi, I’m quite positive about them. My team needed an advertising campaign and we chose Breezi. We’ve no relation to design and all these Web things, somehow we’ve published our website which is attractive and functional. It felt scary at first, Breezi has completely different approach from Wix or other similar resources. This one is focused on empowering designers and creatives. As soon as we got the hang of Breezi we found nothing that typically hinders the whole progress and delays the launch. Love it. We’ve added about 5 pages only and could design them all intuitively. Customization was unlimited so that we didn’t depend on the existing templates. Great! Breezi comes with very precise grid and we could count every pixel when adding stuff. My team was slightly upset because we’ve failed to have found SEO settings but it’s not an issue for us. You know, Breezi is cool and we enjoy it. Thank you for this wonderful source where people without special skills can publish an entire website. Keep up!

2019.10.07 at 07:20 written by:
Sorrowful designs
Rating: 2

Ah, thought I got to the worst builder when I found Virb. Nothing of the sort. Breezi, this is the real plague for the Internet. The worst set of designs I’ve ever seen! For sure. They offer Skins without any content. Bare drafts without any pictures or text. All you can see is a layout with markings where to add the content. This is somehow wack. Any other builder shows a proper layout with pics and stuff. Argh, gosh! Navigation through Skins gallery is a time capsule. You press their View button and see this nightmare, if you don’t like it you close it and find yourself back in the editor. No, you do get back to the list of designs, you’re redirected to the editor!!! Feels like my grandpa developed this builder. If so then I understand why there’s no mobile preview option. Seriously, you can’t see how your website will load on mobile screens. Hardly am I a pro at design but their Skins are good only if you make horror sites (or if you sell coffins). They look sad, old and boring. The variety of templates isn’t the lifeline. If you hope that the level of designs outweights all I’ve described relax. You don’t need to hope for a rich gallery. In short forget about Breezi and find yourself something decent. Believe!

2019.08.05 at 06:54 written by:
Positive experience mostly
Rating: 4

Hi everyone! Got something for those of you who doubt about Breezi. It’s a nice platform, not the seventh wonder but it won’t leave you upset. Breezi requires no downloads or coding at all. It could be a bit simpler at use though but it’s okay. Breezi’s key features are like that: - I can visually control each element of design owing to style dots - In differ from other platform I can add my own custom backgrounds here - There’s a wide selection of apps for videos, images, blogging & more - Content is quite easy to manage (but I had to spend some time to learn how to do it) - I can use click & drag features - The number of pages to add is unlimited

2019.07.22 at 07:16 written by:
Extremely inconvenient editor
Rating: 1

I have never come to such a high level of disappointment as I reached on that well-advertised website builder. This team promises innovative and ultra-modern decisions for people who need a website but it is nothing more than an attempt to get your money! is the most inconvenient and complicated website builder I have ever had a chance to be with. From the very first step on the way to completing a website I was surrounded by difficulties. Instead of explaining things or offering a typical registration form directed me right to the editor. Imagine this blank canvas with a lot of settings, menus and pop up windows which are distractive only and not helpful at all! I felt like I was lost and there was no one to guide me. Ease of use is something that was left beyond because I had to use trial and error method to add at least a banner to my canvas. Adding Apps is another attempt to torture users. When I clicked “Apps” button I had a list of available tools and I chose “Animated Text”. It appeared somewhere at the bottom of my screen so that I could not understand where to find it. Once I did I double clicked to see a huge list of settings most of which were inaccessible! Needless to say that I could not but use an “Undo” button. After that a loading bar appeared and I had to wait for about 10 seconds to have my progress undone. I am extremely appalled with such an inconvenient approach! needs to make a simple and intuitive editor rather than trying to reinvent the wheel!

2019.05.14 at 06:49 written by:
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