The independently owned technology company BigCommerce provides both up and coming as well as already established businesses with practically every resource and tool that is needed in order to launch, manage, promote and run their very own successful online store.
Users who utilize BigCommerce to create their online store can customize their website, keep track of payments and shipments, and also list their products on several platforms, including Ebay, Amazon, Pinterest and Facebook so that billions of shoppers from all around the world can come across their business. It is suggested that merchants who chose BigCommerce experience 28% annual growth, which is nearly twice the industry average.
The business was founded in 2009 and they have already manage to collect more than $100 million in funding. In addition, they support thousands of retailers in an abundance of countries. Users enjoy being able to use one single hub and design platform to run their business. They currently have offices in Sydney, Austin and San Francisco.
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Generating clients isn’t a pain anymore!
Rating: 5

It has never occurred to me that getting clients is so amazingly simple (and involving)! With Bigcommerce offers I’ve completely forgotten about boring marketing tricks which have gone out of date frankly… Bigcommerce is the game changer in the world of sales (at least for me)!
One of the features which comes out-of-the-box is a bulk import/export. It’s based on CSVs files which transfer the product information at ease. One of my friends used it, he says that there were no problems with it.
The feature which is the best one (in my view) helps to group clients according to the trends they choose, their location, or demographics. It’s called Customer Segmentation List and I loooove it a lot!
Some of the standard tools (which are a must) include built-in blogging, custom domain names and accurate analytical plug-ins. SEO is a big (and well-built) merit of Bigcommerce! Here I can take advantage of the optimized URLs and rely on sitemaps created automatically. Everything is customizable from titles to metadata. According to my results on Google this tools does its job right…
Bigcommerce is also helpful when showcasing products, it gives a zoom tool for the pictures of a very high resolution to show the best quality to the clients Appreciate it!
Bigcommerce has already given so many useful tools to me and they’re still adding more. No doubts, no one can beat Bigcommerce today!

2017.03.10 at 03:43 written by:
Limited choice of templates
Rating: 3

I’m not really happy about my experience with BigCommerce. This platform definitely has something to offer but I’m quite frustrated after having used it for about a year. The biggest disappointment for me is that BigCommerce offers only 7 templates that are free. This is way too few especially compared to other website builders which have hundreds of free layouts. If you’re ready to pay you can choose from 76 templates which isn’t that much either. I suppose Shopify has a greater collection of designs to offer. According to BigCommerce they’re working on it. This is true. I remember that searching for templates was a torture on BigCommerce but they have improved this aspect. So I hope that they will do the same with their templates. I wish them good luck and looking forward to seeing improvements in the near future.

2017.02.27 at 12:21 written by:
Doesn’t ignore beginners in business
Rating: 5

I’m tired of small enterprises being neglected by big banks and web services!!! My small cafeteria is my everything and only BC treats us in a good manner. My budget isn’t that wide, I can’t afford an expensive plan, it’s not actually important on BC. This company has what I need without sky-high prices.
I felt so much better when discovered that I could add as many pictures of my cakes as necessary! Yeas, storage is limitless on BC. The same can be said about bandwidth, it’s not that important for me so far but still. Transaction fees are monstrous at times! BC doesn’t play this game, this company doesn’t charge any fees. I think it’s fair! Everybody knows that big money is involved in mobile websites. Not on BC! Soon after I launched my website I found out that it was already adapted for any device!!! I couldn’t believe it for the first time but that’s true!
Very pleased to know that! Sitewide HTTPS is one of those things which make websites secure. I don’t actually know how it works but it works on BC.
Think it makes my website a safe source. Finally there’s someone to take care of small business. Good god!

2017.01.12 at 03:47 written by:
The best decision for business
Rating: 4

BC is my favorite platform when it comes to building online store websites. I don’t think it’s useful for a blog or portfolio but BC is the best for eCommerce. Here’s why.
• Product options are unlimited. You can add prices and image. Set weight and more. There’re no silly restrictions.
• Product rules can be set up. It means adding $5 to larger clothes, free shipping for orders over $200, and other similar features are possible.
• Digital downloads are available. So you can sell music, photography and other similar products.
• Product categories. You can easily arrange your products so that it would be easier for your customers to find them.
• Management of orders. You can always see if your products have been shipped or not.
• Manageable returns. It includes refunds, replaces, etc.
• There’re more than 50 payment processors. Different currencies are also available.
• You can see which products are best sellers of the week or month.
Well, even though BC looks perfect it still has a drawback. They don’t update their tools and features too often so you have to wait for updates for a long period of time.

2017.01.06 at 22:19 written by:
Very flexible website builder
Rating: 5

I sell by the means of BigCommerce. This website builder is wonderful because it has contemporary looking designs and flexible customization. This platform is aimed at all types of businesses. I know that there’re solutions for such industries as fashion, electronics, health, jewelry, sports, and others. It’s not difficult to choose something unique here and I really like it. I highly appreciate that BigCommerce offers highly qualified services for all types of industries.

2016.12.28 at 10:17 written by:
Good for interaction with clients
Rating: 4

Interaction with clients is extremely convenient when you use platform. I’ve tried it myself and I like the services which this builder offers. For instance, I’ve added their live chat to my store and it works wonders. Now my clients can get answers to pre-sale questions within minutes. I’ve tried Bigcommerce widgets which make it possible for my visitors to leave comments and ratings. So my clients can see what other people say about our products. There’s even an automated inventory which makes it possible to process orders and print packing slips all day long. It’s a big relief to me. The only thing which makes me upset is that I can’t get any sort of sandbox area for updating my current store. It’s not a big problem, though. I still think is a perfect service.

2016.12.18 at 16:17 written by:
Death of the brightest ideas
Rating: 3

Hi, I’m an old-school user. I remember BigCommerce being Interspire and having open-source features. Ah, days gone by were so nice with easy configuration and intuitive navigation. If only I could bring them back. I’m thinking about switching over soon since BC has developed terrible drawbacks.

1. For years they have been developing features to attract new buyers but they don’t work that hard on something to interact with existing buyers easily.
2. They used to have that “Blueprint” framework which was friendly for users. Nowadays they use “Stencil” framework which is insanely difficult for merchants without technical skills.
3. New designs are a disaster! They look pretty but one can find too many shortcomings in them. They’re incomplete so to speak.
4. They have focused on USA market mostly and partially on EU regions but they ignore the rest of the world. Merchants from Asia won’t feel comfortable with them.
5. It has taken years for them to implement Product Filters and a search bar which both are the heart of eCommerce. Way too long for such vital things.
As I feel very pained to see that a builder I used with pleasure is disappointing me more and more I’m in search for another platform.

2016.12.10 at 03:56 written by:
No mobile editor:(
Rating: 4

My opinion is that an eCommerce store is useless if it has no mobile features. BigCommerce is really strong in this respect.
When I was registering my website on BigCommerce I was glad to learn that this platform switches to the mobile theme automatically. It’s great because it helps me not to lose visitors who use mobile devices to view my website. It makes the process of browsing through my products much easier.
There’s a preview of my mobile website, which is an advantage as well. If I don’t like something I can fix it. Amazing!!! Since I’m quite good at coding I have an opportunity to customize certain parts of my mobile store.
The disappointing point is that I can’t find any App to do edits on the go. They did have it some time ago and I enjoyed it a lot but not now. For some reason they decided to remove this tool. It’s shame that they’ve done it! I wish they could bring it back asap

2016.11.11 at 11:58 written by:
The widest set of add-ons and features
Rating: 5

I don’t usually evaluate things or programs but Bigcommerce has really sparked me. Many services do deal with site making but just a few of them specialize exactly on commercial aspects. Bigcommerce does and it makes me deliriously happy. I much enjoy the checkout features which are:
• Opportunity to add discounts/coupons.
• Checkout via one page only.
• Customer accounts.
• Abandoned cart saver.

Bigcommerce has really surprised me with its approach to shipping. There’re a lot of options:
• ShipperHQ makes it possible to charge shipping rates correctly.
• Real-time quotes from such carriers as FedEx, Australia Post, UPS, Canada Post and others.
• Available free shipping.

I wouldn’t really recommend Bigcommerce if they didn’t support multichannel selling but they do. Here’s what they offer:
• Square POS can be integrated.
• Provides access to Pinterest and Facebook Shop.
• Widgets to sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Rakuten or Jet.
• Support of multiple languages.
• ChannelAdvisor at hand.

Bigcommerce is so big that it has even more things which made my selling nice and simple. There’re interesting add-ons:
• QuickBooks Online which helps with accounting.
• Avalara deals with US taxes.
• McAfee SECURE to protect your site.
• MailChimp for successful emailing.
• 71lbs is responsible for money-back claims for the items delivered too late.
• Shippo helps with packaging.
• Trustpilot Reviews to build up a trustworthy reputation.

2016.11.10 at 03:38 written by:
Safe but complicated
Rating: 4

The only thing which I’m really impressed with on BC is security. They host my website giving an unlimited amount of bandwidth. It’s good because I have quite a lot of visitors and they continue to arrive to my store so I’m not worried about my website functioning with problems. BC also takes care of the security upgrades and I’ve never been attacked by hackers. Even if I was under attack, I don’t know about it which means that BC protects me well. My store is always up and running so I can focus on details important for business. This is not that easy to tell you the truth. Setting it all up is quite complicated and it’s difficult for me to get the hang of it. I can’t say that it’s impossible but it took me hours to understand how things worked. I don’t think that BC is terrible but I don’t like that there’re too many things to learn to get started.

2016.10.17 at 14:47 written by:
Wide integration capabilities
Rating: 5

I launched a website on 18 months ago. I was so surprised to learn that my sales have risen significantly since then. I can’t stress it more that this platform is very friendly in terms of social media. I find it very convenient that I can add my store to my Facebook page and sell there. It helps me to attract more visitors and synchronize my FB page with BC website. Integration features are really wide on I’ve also integrated my store with Google Shopping. I’ve noticed that supports such services as eBay, Bizrate, Nextag, MySimon and others. I’ve never seen any other platform which can offer so many capabilities. I’m really impressed. This is a great platform which does help to lay out all of my products and sell them in a convenient and reliable way.

2016.09.30 at 21:59 written by:
Platform with practical tools
Rating: 5

BigCommerce is an irreplaceable tool for the successful development of your business on the Internet. I appreciate that there’re a lot of tools which are made specially for eCommerce. These are out of the box decisions which are extremely practical. I use many of them for my own website. They’re extremely helpful.

What I like most is the email newsletter tools which BigCommerce offers. It helps to send auto responses and saves me tons of time. Since my online store is rather big I’m interested in giving discounts to my clients. I love that BigCommerce gives me an opportunity to create coupons and different types of promotion campaigns. There’s a useful feature which helps to set unlimited product variations. So I can offer different colors and sizes of clothes to my clients.

Another thing which is also great is an ability to add shipping and tax configurations. In other words, BigCommerce has all I need to sell in a simple and convenient way. The whole list of BigCommerce features is really unlimited. It includes statistics reporting and handling returns. A product wish list is also here. I suppose that BigCommerce is the best solution for business because it keeps me equipped with professional and helpful tools.

2016.09.27 at 19:28 written by:
Appropriate for any type of business
Rating: 5

Recently I got really serious about creating a website for my book shop. After reading multiple reviews, I couldn’t help but try the Big Commerce platform. All I can say that this is the best website builder which deals with eCommerce.
Their variety of features and tools is extremely wide. I also like their designs which make my website extremely attractive. Using it is also simple because Big Commerce has well-planned layouts.
All in all, I can recommend this website builder to those who have a small or even a large online store with millions of dollars per year in turnover. Big Commerce is definitely the tool to choose.

2016.09.17 at 20:56 written by:
Great platform!!
Rating: 5

The App Store by BC is fantastic! It’s packed with so many advanced tools that it’s impossible to describe them all. Even though BC offers a comprehensive set of tools the platform is still provided with an impressive store.
As I’ve discovered the apps in the store are not native to BC because they’re provided by third party developers. And you know I’ve obtained their accounting tool which has a lot of useful features. You can also find decisions for shipping, promotion, order management, email marketing, analytics, and more. I still think that this is way too much.
I’m all satisfied with basic BC tools. I suppose you still can get something from their App Store if you plan to develop and expand your business which means that BC takes care of all types of clients. Good to know it.

2016.08.22 at 17:42 written by:
A few issues to be improved
Rating: 4

Decent SaaS service for a typical eCommerce website. If an entrepreneur wants more personalized decision… you know… a custom made solution is required then… Sorry.
Good ideas live on Bigcommerce but lack of details to the features is felt… am talking about processing and editing mainly. It makes editing very easy though… perhaps it’s not that bad for a person interested in selling more than in programming.
The vital problem is logging in… you need to numerously re-enter the password and email which is irritating. Security matters but… all in good measure.

Issue number 2 is strange… Bigcommerce couldn’t have missed it. This is the first platform in my practice that doesn't allow to change the customers purchasing method…. a customer has a check to pay with and finalizes the order... Then a customer has a change of mind and calls to say that they want to pay with a credit card now…. Today I need to delete the existing order and place a new one because Bigcommerce has no options to change or update payment method... strange.
I would also like to have an area added to the products showing which vendor I obtained it from. Maybe Bigcommerce has issues but this is the most useful tool so far… my opinion.

2016.07.30 at 03:51 written by:
Not the best but still nice
Rating: 4

Ready to report on BigCommerce. Well-done project, like it but there’re stronger players.
The best program by BigCommerce is Admin Order for Android Apps. :) Really helpful to manage orders right from Android mobile, gives almost unlimited control over the orders from a mobile. Good for saving time. :)
I don’t like that the load time of BigCommerce stores exceeds 20 seconds. It’s according to Google Analytics, I trust this information. That’s a pity. Perhaps it’s somehow connected with the hidden scripts. :(
API payment issues do occur! BigCommerce has collaboration with Braintree, their API is seriously flawed. It involves automatic “void” pings to Braintree, as a result hundreds of dollars get lost. :(

2016.05.21 at 04:02 written by:
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