Telecommunication services need to position strongly on the World Wide Web. helps set up a site without any complexity and in fastest possible time at almost negligible price tag. Initiate offering your clients a beautiful site, informative blog or a fast loading store online. All by just going to BaseKit. It is a globally accessible platform for the most demanding universal enterprise. With 8 million and more sites functioning, you lavish upon your user to avail convenience at your site from anywhere.
Basekit turns out to be the easiest and most delightful way to have a site for your telco. Life becomes easier for both, you and your consumers. Based on API, it accommodates with your existing products harmoniously. Accounts and billing systems are impeccable. Use the high tech tools for documentation and marketing to help amplify your clientele fast. A robust support system is there to cooperate and to take you ahead of all.
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Good for search engines, has a few drawbacks
Rating: 4

Hi dear critics of Basekit! I know you all got something to write about this builder but I have a story as well. My concern about any builder is the load speed. Since I make websites mainly for search engines I know that Google likes the websites which load fast. Basekit is a nice fellow in these terms. Their websites load up fast in differ from Wix whose products take minutes to appear on a screen. It would be strange if a person worried about SEO results didn’t comment something about it. I’d give Basekit A+ for SEO because it’s all pleasure at use. In my research (yes, I got well prepared for this writing) I’ve learnt that Basekit is built purely with HTML5 and CSS3. Good news. It also barely adds any extra code from what I’ve found. As a result this product is almost perfect for my SEO purposes. I’m not a web designer but I’m very fond of Basekit for the flexibility of design customization. There’s a lot to change by yourself and being stuck in a pre-made templates isn’t the case with Basekit.
This builder is much more flexible than Squarespace when it comes to design competition. Sure Basekit needs a blogging tool, more mobile widgets and more consistency but it’s something that will come in the future.

2017.03.04 at 05:32 written by:
A modern and up to date website builder
Rating: 5

BaseKit is my dream with support of numerous website creation. It may sound odd but I got A LOT OF websites. All of them are by BaseKit. Customization features so wide! Apply most of them to my websites and literally dance around my PC of joy.
Basekit also got the most interesting selection of templates I’ve ever seen. Believe me there’re dozens of them for any sphere or activity. If you like let’s say a template about business but you want to apply it for a website about animals it’s not an obstacle. Soooo flexible. I got many pics on one of my websites. BaseKit was developed to make adding them a pleasant task. I don’t waste my time on uploading and dragging pics. Everything works just fine. How beautiful BaseKit’s slide shows are! I’m their big admirer to be honest.
They look so pretty and have so many settings. My special thanks to BaseKit for this wonder. This platform is cool for showing videos. Simply embed them and forget about problems. Essential for any modern user BaseKit is completely responsive. I switch to mobile friendly view with one button and don’t need to build separate websites. Access to Google Maps, forms, and even PayPal is here too. Thanks BaseKit, you’re sweet. ;)

2017.02.10 at 04:49 written by:
A nice website builder without blogging widget
Rating: 3

Some time ago I was wondering about Basekit website builder. It was necessary for my article comparing modern website building platforms.
Generally speaking Basekit is a very decent tool really.
It has all the features to create a competitive website. There are widgets, plug-ins, adaptive templates and everything you would normally expect from a tool which helps making websites.
Unfortunately it has a major flaw which makes it impossible for me to rate this product positively. To the disappointment of numerous users Basekit has not got a blogging tool! This is really perplexing in my view. I don't see how such a decent and thoroughly planned web platform can justify not having one. It is obvious that Basekit pursues modern tendencies and does not miss technological discoveries. Hardly could they forget about blogging widget. It is very strange and it is the main deterrent for many people considering Basekit as a potential platform. Absolutely, I do not understand it.
The only logical explanation which I see is that it provides a white-label solution for hosting companies. Perhaps such companies are not really interested in having a blog.
Basekit would be okay if it was equipped with a blogging widget. This is something that I expected from a comprehensive toolkit like Basekit and my guess is that they are likely to add it sooner or later.

2017.01.14 at 05:06 written by:
Convenient approach to images usage
Rating: 5

Launched my first site by BaseKit last year. My goodness! Great platform! What a smooth and enjoyable experience.
This is an intuitive builder easy to understand. Over 1000 gorgeous stock images got me excited. They all are industry specific and worrying about copyright infringement isn’t necessary. At long last I can forget about tiring googling images for ages. Uniquely the builder itself has a powerful image editor. It’s not a problem for me now to format images exactly as I like without any clumsy third party solutions. I’m planning to expand my IT company, BaseKit available in over 16 languages is a big advantage for me. One more thing I like is that no added steps are necessary to view my website for mobile or tablet usage. A decent product for certain!

2017.01.12 at 04:42 written by:
Great SEO but no mobile App to do edits
Rating: 3

My hobby is rare butterflies. I take pictures of them to publish. I share the photos with my followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ve created a site. I made it myself and used Basekit program only. The latest version was available so I downloaded it. There were quite a lot of disadvantages.
One of the advertisements promised me a mobile App to manage my site. I don’t see any so far. They give me a lot to make my site mobile, that’s good but I want to edit it straight from my Samsung!!! This is beyond me why they can’t create the App they promised me. That's the biggest in a list of problems I've had with Basekit (they call it Sitejam now).
When SEO is concerned BaseKit passes with flying colors. I’ve received access to all the relevant areas. I even have 301 redirects to set up. At this point Basekit can certainly hold its own against counterparts from other countries.

2016.09.20 at 05:29 written by:
My step by step experience on Basekit
Rating: 5

I’m having my stationary shop on Basekit.
The first step I made was a registration and logging in. I liked it. Basekit didn’t ask me for any information I’d consider as private. I received verification email within minutes. It’s a good quality as for me.
Step two was to choose a website template. I’m not sophisticated at such things but I like Basekit templates. It offers some very nice designs indeed. The template I use fits me. It’s beyond reproach. People visiting my stationary shop ask who made me my website. It’s a pleasure to hear that.
After I chose a template I had a typical layout with dummy content. Needless to say that I started to customize it right off the bat. Basekit is ergonomic. It keeps all the additional elements in the left-hand column. Easy to get them. Among them I’ve found such functionalities as a search function, a widget for comments, forms and a nice photo carousel plug-in. I don’t use many of them but I like them all. The elements themselves are easy to move around. I arranged them in a way convenient for me. There is plenty of room for freedom.
This is all. Got no problems

2016.09.13 at 04:38 written by:
Love it but weak points do exist
Rating: 4

Hey people! Got something about Basekit. A dope builder for sure. It made my day when I found some info about it. Basekit is hosted fully. What a relief! Transferring and buying domains is welcome. Publishing is dummy. Waiting sometimes to see edits done. Think it’s a piece of cake for BaseKit to beat Dreamweaver.
Yeah, templates aren’t ugly but got no taste I think. A rare feature is here. You can make a site with Photoshop files. Props! Ah, my bad, almost forgot to say that this builder is integrated with Google Analytics.

2016.09.02 at 05:02 written by:
Builds whatever you want to build
Rating: 5

Basekit is so exciting! Millions of opportunities and dozens of chances, this is what I feel I have here! And I’ve achieved it all thanks to a sharp and sophisticated editor of Basekit.
What I want is what I get. I don’t need to take the middle path sacrificing my ideas. Each tool of Basekit is developed with the view of creative approach. I just let my imagination go.
I’m unstoppable with Basekit since all the features I’ve described are very easy to manage. Just a few months ago I was like a nestling learning how to fly. Today I’m an admin of a respected brand. It’s unbelievable! Smart at use Basekit is also a fun to use. Yes, whatever I want can be simply dragged and dropped onto the page. Whether it’s text or an image I don’t bother adding them to the whole picture. I’ve never thought that starting my own website would be so seamless. Neither have I thought about themes and color options. When I realized that I can be responsible for the mood of my website the process of creation totally overwhelmed me.
Once I completed it all I didn’t have a chance to sit idly. Basekit surrounded me with social media integration. It has boosted my customer base dramatically! Really, I’m not exaggerating at all! Oh yes, I love Basekit.

2016.08.23 at 04:34 written by:
Basekit has all it takes to be a leader
Rating: 5

Basekit is one of those products which were born to be the leader. It comes with a long list of “traits” to be the winner. Some of them are:

- HTML and CSS. Basekit doesn’t prevent you from editing these both languages.
- Drag and Drop. All Basekit offers is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3.
- Forms. Basekit doesn’t hesitate to provide different types of forms which are all customizable and adjustable whatever your website is about.
- Basekit’s websites all support W3C XHMTL standards.
- Uploading to Basekit is fast and simple. No FTP is needed.
- Impressive bandwidth. It starts from a massive 1TB per month. Not bad at all.
- eCommerce tools are various. Most of them are included with Google's Checkout.
- Powerful support of social widgets. You can access any social media like Twitter or Flickr.
- Embedding. Basekit never prevents you from successful embedding.

2016.08.15 at 04:45 written by:
Basekit has something in store
Rating: 4

Basekit has left me in two minds. When I’m thinking about my overall user experience I have good memories. I can’t but mention how useful Basekit for social media is. Its widgets are definitely smart if you want to get connected to Facebook or any other social media. I tried it for my own website. It worked well. My website isn’t business oriented but I’ve found PayPal and Google Checkout buttons on Basekit. I’m pretty sure they will be useful for entrepreneurs. The latter one requires Business package however.
Despite this I doubt Basekit platform is a good choice for a fully fledged online shop. Suppose it’s not really the right product. Now it's time for some minor problems I’ve faced here. For a long time I couldn’t find a solution how to edit the graphics of the banner. Changing navigation for the entire project was also complicated for me. Basekit’s support advised that I used the widgets of the template. Sadly it took me quite a while to figure out how this worked exactly. With that said neither of these does any harm in principle to understand the basics of Basekit. I soon came across the terms like border, margin, padding etc.
Not to say that Basekit is perfect but it still has a few interesting ideas.

2016.07.10 at 05:10 written by:
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