3dcart is the exactly what you need to avail and market items and services through the internet. 3dcart eliminates coding and application software, making it less tedious to set up a website. Whatever the size or area of speciality, our adaptable site builder has got you covered. 3dcart is hosted on a reliable network, ensuring your site receives close to 100% uptime. The site is always online which positively impacts efficiency and reputation. Our servers have a high bandwidth which supports fast response time in real-time conversations. The robust building-blocks of 3dcart makes it the ideal for professional marketing. The many features that are incorporated allow growth and customization of your website depending on your client base. It also helps you to broaden your market by synchronizing with personal accounts and other online stores such as Walmart. Once the 15-day trial period is through, subscribers can choose their preferred mode of making cash deposits. 3dcart's transparent website builder offers affordable services bearing no extra charges.
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Average design
Rating: 3

My store by 3dcart functions pretty well but I’m not excited with it. Let me explain why. In my view a commercial website made for selling purposes must look exclusive and sweet. 3dcart has templates, there’re many of them and they are… okay. Can’t say that they’re bad-designed but they certainly need WOW effect. When I look at my store I can say that it’s not bad while I want it to be nothing less than amazing. Even more expensive themes don’t make things better. They’re still nice and clean but not astonishing. The only option to make something worthwhile is to go down to the HTML code but I can’t boast about such skills and I’m not planning to pay someone for this. As a result I’m left with a mediocre website. 3dcart is good at functionality however. From the admin I can see and process orders and print pre-generated packing slips as well as shipping labels. It’s convenient enough. I’m not going to stop using 3dcart because it has useful features and I’ve already achieved good SEO ratings but I don’t really like how my site looks.

2019.12.26 at 15:21 written by:
Best decision for my business – full of features!
Rating: 5

I run a small company. Haven’t got much time to keep an eye on our website. My last provider of services was WordPress and needed so many efforts to make sure that our widgets and plug-ins were working correctly. It was pretty tiring. Finally I set an eye on something different. I landed on 3DCart after a short search. It looked promising with various features. It didn't take much time for me to understand that 3DCart was a very intuitive tool. Even non-technical folk could use it. 3DCart got me involved and now I've been up and running for some time I've tried many of the advantages offered and I can't but admit that it's a really capable builder! 3DCart uses modules. They are helpful to connect Ebay or Google Shopping, its reporting is fantastic, its analytics is exciting. Retail and wholesale customers can be supported with one website easily! We just use segments assigning customers to them, then we set prices based on the segments chosen and voila! I appreciate it that one admin website is enough to manage it all. Everything can be done even from my iPhone. Sending emails, processing orders, shipping, etc. Owing to high mobility of managing I can interact with buyers while walking in the park. I feel so productive! Spending just some time I got a perfectly stable website to sell. I really couldn't be happier!

2019.12.05 at 03:04 written by:
Monstrous transaction fees
Rating: 3

3dcart itself is a good tool for all types of sales. Looks pretty, works properly, no complaints. I don’t like the transaction fees. This builder comes with more than a hundred of payment gateways. You can find PayPal, Authorize, Dwolla and other services. Been with 3dcart for about six months I’ve noticed that I have to pay transaction fees which are up to 3%. This is quite serious for me because I don’t sell that much and I count every dollar. If transactions fees were lower I would love 3dcart much more.

2019.11.14 at 21:17 written by:
High safety standards
Rating: 5

Safety is above all for me. I do coding and whenever I’m asked to make someone a site for business I suggest using 3dcart as a platform to base on. They’re really strong at protection issues. Their builder is compliant with Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which means that you’re never under risk here and your transactions are in safe hands. Even their most basic offers are provided with GeoTrust 128-bit SharedSSL technologies. I’ve never had any safety problems with the sites hosted by 3dcart.

2019.10.31 at 14:25 written by:
Impressive list of features
Rating: 4

3dcart goes really hard when it comes to features. This is the list of the most important ones which 3dcart has: • Opportunity to sell all types of products including digital ones • Faster conversion owing to one page checkout • Multiple images of products with powerful zoom tool • Customers can create wish lists • Presence of various discounts • Popular products can be offered with waiting lists • Shipping calculators • Cart notifications to remind customers about incomplete orders • Customers can ask questions and leave reviews on product pages In addition I’ve found a lot of back-end features. On 3dcart I can: • Control my inventory • Monitor low stock items • Manage my mailing lists • Automatically organize my products • Use SEO settings • Customize my invoices • Get synchronized with eBay and Amazon I hope I’ve covered all the main features of 3dcart but there’re even more of them. In most cases they all function without bugs but it takes time to get used to working with them. It took me about two weeks.

2019.10.22 at 11:23 written by:
Full featured eCommerce
Rating: 5

3dcart is that rare type of software which is so good that it is already 3 years I have been using it. These are 3 years of happiness since I enjoy extensive functionality and customization adaptive to any level of skills. A large selection of apps provided by third parties is one more reason for me to praise 3dcart. 3dcart really boasts about many things being built-in including all customizable templates, thoroughly detailed configuration of the products, management of orders and inventory, autoresponders, marketing features and a tool for blogging. Since I have already compared 3dcart to many other hosted platforms for eCommerce I can say that 3dcart is the most comprehensive software today. So flexible and highly responsive this solution has something for any type of users. Its strengths are: - Wide shipping options - Live Aust Post quotes for shipping - Linking of like items. - The ability to add products to more than one category All of the features which I have described function in a wonderfully reliable way and do not require too many efforts to be launched. It makes me believe that 3dcart is going to stay the strongest software for us, people interested in online business.

2019.10.06 at 03:18 written by:
Recommendations on improvements
Rating: 3

I left Yahoo for 3dcart. Not sure that it was a good decision… 3dcart seems to be nice for total customization and for growing business. Maintaining a site is well-done too but still… It’s not enough for me to call 3dcart a perfect solution. One downside is that it’s impossible to install Wordpress here, had to host my shop’s blog elsewhere… Even though 3dcart has improved its designs greatly over the years they don’t care about mistakes happening quite often. One of them is the problem with uploading pictures, sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes to upload a small image… They compensate for it by having a lot of options for merchants such as selling e-products. There are a few changes I’d make on 3dcart, recommend it to any small company...

2019.09.22 at 03:26 written by:
Offers decisions for small and large merchants
Rating: 5

I stick to the opinion that money makes the world go round and I’m avid for any tool which can bring me income. Good to know that 3dcart is one of such tools. I found it on Google in 2016 and registered my shop on it. It was a wise decision because my sales have significantly grown. Think it was made possible because 3dcart is a feature-rich platform which is focused on eCommerce in particular. It’s full of themes, widgets and ideas for large merchants like me and for beginners too. Most of their features are right out of the box and I don’t remember myself being stuck on adding or using them. It’s cool that my shop on 3dcart is fully hosted. Being on this platform is a nice experience since they don’t stay underdeveloped. They constantly change their policy, products and the very approach to making websites. An ever-expanding pool of themes is never out-fashioned and I like it. Unlike other eCommerce builders this one is generous. I want to say that even the smallest shops can benefit from almost the same set of tools as the largest ones. It’s encouraging enough. In other words 3dcart is the right way to go if you want to make the most of your business. Trust me, I know it.

2019.09.14 at 19:45 written by:
Convenient editors
Rating: 5

I’d like to share what I think about This is the builder which has impressed me for certain. My website looks like it was made by a professional designer but I didn’t hire anyone. Honestly. I’ve made it purely by the means of I’ve taken an advantage of their theme editors which provide access to HTML and CSS codes. I was hesitating when changing them at first because I didn’t want my website to behave odd. At my own risk I touched some of HTML tags and it worked. I checked my website on different devices and I wasn’t disappointed. Now I can change any piece of the initial code making the template chosen different from others. I’m quite busy with a lot of work and I don’t always have time to add blocks manually. It’s not a big deal on because there’s a drag and drop editor. With it I can make quick adjustments to the overall appearance of my website and the widgets used. I guess the drag and drop function is pretty cool but still I like to edit it all through HTML and CSS editors. Apparently, is going to get improved more and I’m looking forward to seeing their new tools.

2019.08.23 at 12:36 written by:
3DCart is amazing!
Rating: 4

My sales have become so much better with 3DCart! Talking about convenience of use, setting relations with clients and managing the whole thing. I launched 3Dcart’s product and still happy with the service! :) What I like: 1. Store theme. Honestly, I’ve found something that fits me PERFECTLY! There’s nothing I’d like to change. My store looks exactly the way I need it. :) 2. UI is easily customizable. Yes, I’ve already mentioned it but customization is ABSOLUTELY simple with 3DCart. I don’t think this is the best aspect but definitely an important one. 3. Promos / Coupons / Discounts. I DO use such features to boost my sales! 3DCart is full of them and has very flexible offers for me and other users. Generally I enjoy them. :) 4. Data is easy to import and export. Not really need this function but it’s here, I feel somehow better knowing that if something is wrong I can always migrate successfully. 5. Boxes to insert HTML/CSS or even JS! This is another level of freedom! J With so wide coding opportunities 3DCart makes me limitless. When I’m stuck on pre-made decisions just change them. :) 6. Integrated newsletters. Once again I don’t mean that it’s a rare option, still it’s here and is nice at use. Like it. The missing 1 point is for some minor buglets I've had with the Admin portal, for having no absolutely unique features and for minor bugs with widgets. So far thumbs up 3DCart! :)

2019.08.11 at 03:29 written by:
Flexible sets of features
Rating: 5

I’m so upset that I didn’t know about 3Dcart before. This is an incredible service with the best offers on Erath! I’ve been using their different plans and all of them are provided with really useful things. Among them are: • Absolutely free domain • Mobile stores (including Facebook store) • API connectivity • Unlimited online storage If you’re ready to spend a bit more money you will enjoy: • Scalability which is seriously enhanced • Powerful security features Usage of bandwidth is limited according to the plan chosen as far as I know but if you use an entry-level plan and exceed the bandwidth they won’t charge you too much. I can’t but mention that they have DDoS attack protection from CloudFlare. Its presence cannot be underestimated. 3Dcart is excellent! Not going to move away ever!

2019.08.09 at 10:58 written by:
Offers numerous add-ons
Rating: 5

When I created an account on 3dcart I didn’t have any high expectations about it. Surprisingly enough but this website builder has proved to be much better than I could’ve thought. I’ve got three cafes around the city and I’m interested in such a website which could be filled with all types of add-ons. 3dcart has given me such an opportunity. Their App Store includes a variety of add-ons which a business owner needs. It’s easy to search what I need because 3dcart offers categories. I just click a drop down bar and start my search. There’re decisions for management, shipping, security, social media, advertisement and others. I’ve added their Quickbooks app which is responsible for accounting, Constant Contact made for automated email marketing and Facebook Connect for social media integration to my websites and their functionality has become much wider than before. I would also recommend 3dcart’s Avalara Tax because it helps to calculate taxes in real time as well as TaxCloud. Think they’re great for people involved in selling worldwide. 3dcart also gives an opportunity build in custom connections through a RESTful API. I couldn’t even hope that this website builder has all of these features and I’m incredibly happy to have changed my mind.

2019.07.29 at 11:09 written by:
Another simple platform
Rating: 3

Frankly I don’t understand all this fussing around 3D. Yes, it’s a platform for business, it has pretty looking design, it gives plug-ins but nothing more. I used it before, not impressed. Don’t think that a successful business needs all this fast launch stuff. 3D seriously lacks well-planned and specific tools, there’re too general decisions, they’re not bad for beginning but when planning to expand they’ll show themselves as weak and useless solutions. Designs are okay, only some of them in fact. The majority of the templates are quite run of the mill looking almost identical to each other. They’re made with different colors and styles but the overall structure is much unchanged. It’s all editable though, having spent a few days playing around with settings it’s possible to build something decent. Many of the plug-ins do need to become more professional. Using them I felt like they were made for an amateur who has never heard of online commerce and feels happy with anything that just works. No way for a professional, too shallow made widgets don’t make me feel enthusiastic at all. I don’t blame 3D, neither do I try to say that it’s a bad service, 3D is just ordinary.

2017.03.20 at 03:32 written by:
Not going to look anywhere else
Rating: 4

I used 2 different carts previously, incompatible with 3Dcart. By far the best for interaction with the visitors of my cozy hotel. Right now I'm still in the setup phase, my site is already published but I never stop improving it. Don’t mistake me for a programmer or developer, I just have a basic knowledge of how this whole thing is supposed to work. I really LOVE the live support widget which I’m currently using! My visitors can address their questions and get a response immediately. It makes my reputation much better because my employees provide quick responds showing that we respect our visitors. GREAT! I made a deal with this company in those times when they were a 3-man team... I saw that their technology was ahead of the others. They still remain that way and I do appreciate this quality! Using 3Dcart is a lot easier than some of the previous carts I've had. The only thing which I don’t actually like is that “start from scratch” option isn’t always accessible and I have to choose a template and delete all the elements to design something new… One happy customer of yours, thank you 3Dcart!

2017.03.10 at 03:23 written by:
Had a problem with bandwidth recently
Rating: 4

Been using 3D Cart for about two years. Our pizzeria isn’t that large but has quite a lot of visitors. It’s easy for us to share new pizzas and offers through our website. Everything about it has been great except for one problem which isn’t going to be resolved as far as I understand. Bandwidth limits are outrageously low! Typically we don’t have too many visitors on our website but things are different on holidays. We do receive numerous orders and somehow we’ve used up 10+ GB per Christmas time. The problem is that 3D Cart offers 2GB only. As a result we ended up spending a lot in overage fees. I don’t think that we had this amount of visitors, it must be a mistake. This is the only problem we’ve faced. The rest of the things are fine and we are quite satisfied with what we have.

2017.02.04 at 09:03 written by:
Step by step instructions are practical
Rating: 4

I am 53 year old tailor and I feel like some of the modern software is a bit complicated for me. I have chosen 3Dcart because this website builder teaches me many things and helps me to sell my clothes in a successful way. I should say that this is a safe product because I was given a period of 15 days to try it for free. I liked it a lot. When I finally bought my plan I received a welcome email with several video tutorials. I did not ignore them and watched which was not a waste of time because I have learnt a lot of useful thing which I apply now. As soon as I logged in to my admin panel I was presented with a setup wizard full of step by step tips. They explained me everything in a simple way. The only trouble which I had when getting used to 3Dcart was connected with bubble looking notifications. When they appear they cover a lot of space on my screen and it takes some time for them to disappear. It is a little bit distractive but I can live with it.

2017.01.10 at 17:51 written by:
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